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Full-scenario off-board voice, entertainment triple screen, one-button return... Auchan X5 PLUS is really caring

2022-11-12 16:11:29Chili Car


A 45-meter-long narrow alley, facing a maze of mirrors with multiple curves, Changan Auchan X5 PLUS relies on the "50-meter automatic tracking and reversing" function to easily reverse the original road and return with one key.

This scene full of black technology taste happened at the recent national media test drive event held by Changan Auchan in Qiandao Lake, Hangzhou.This SUV, which is about to start pre-sale on November 19, conquered the audience with its excellent product performance.

Qiandao Lake in early winter is so beautiful.We started our test drive along the lake.When Changan Auchan X5 PLUS starts to accelerate, it will feel a strong push back feeling.After continuing to step on the accelerator pedal, the power output is very strong, and there is no obvious sense of frustration.

And this kind of performance naturally has a lot to do with the power system it carries.Auchan X5 PLUS is equipped with Blue Whale's new generation NE1.5T high-pressure direct-injection engine with a maximum power of 138kW and a peak torque of 300N m (continuous output in a wide range from 1600 to 4100 rpm).In addition, it is also matched with the Blue Whale wet-type 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox, and the front and rear are equipped with unique independent suspensions of the same level.

After the road test drive, we parked the car in a place close to mountains and rivers, and began to statically appreciate Changan Auchan X5 PLUS. Its sporty appearance is really eye-catching.Continuing the low-lying and wide-body body posture, the aspect ratio has reached 0.865, and the front hood of the car has been extended forward by 36mm and pressed down by 5°.The overall grille adopts a curved shape, and the inner grille will automatically change the intake angle according to different driving conditions.Therefore, the drag coefficient of the body has reached 0.345Cd, which further enhances the sporty performance of the model.In addition, the red-flame double-bladed taillights full of combat atmosphere, the fierce streamer flame tail and the unique two-stage pulse high-mount light all make the rear of the car look more domineering.

Open the door, and the 30-inch enveloping smart triple screen design suddenly enhances the sense of technology in the car.The small screen located on the left side of the driver's seat will provide the car owner with an auxiliary driving display function to realize functions such as seamless navigation display, auxiliary display of blind spots on the left A-pillar, and road traffic signs.In addition, the 2715mm super long wheelbase of the new car has also laid a good foundation for the legroom of the rear passengers.

In terms of smart technology, the new car is equipped with Onstyle 5.1 Smart and Happy Cockpit-Young Special Edition.With the blessing of the high-performance eight-core car-machine chip, it realizes extremely fast startup within 1s and lightning networking within 1s.At the same time, it also has a full-scenario out-of-vehicle voice unique to the same level. The owner is 4 meters away from the new car, and can still communicate with the car."Sentence to automatically park, open/close the back door, and go home", the car will automatically start operating instructions.

In addition, Auchan X5 PLUS also has a number of leading configurations at the same level, such as FaceID3.0 face recognition system and GRS2.0 gesture recognition system.Car owners can quickly start/unlock the vehicle through face recognition, and can also start taking pictures in the car through victory gestures, and realize song collection with heart-to-heart gestures. The sense of technology is simply overwhelming.

Judging from the product information currently disclosed by Auchan X5 PLUS, Changan Auchan has indeed worked hard on this model, and we look forward to its wonderful performance in the compact SUV market.

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