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The wonders of the entertainment industry

2022-11-09 20:34:12photography

Gu Tianle is considered to be in the entertainment industry, how do you say it?If it sounds good, it is a clear stream, and if it sounds bad, it is a wonderful flower.

A while ago, a video of Gu Tianle riding a battery car and filming on the set was exposed.

In the video, Guzai did not bring an assistant, and simply rode a battery car and went to work alone.

This low-key, simple and down-to-earth appearance is not like a popular actor at all, and has attracted the attention of many netizens for a while.

In the photo, Gu Tianle rides an unknown electric tricycle to get off work, with a cloth basket hanging in front of the tricycle.Obviously, after get off work, Gu Zai still needs to buy his own food to go home.

Thinking of the dignified actor Gu Zai shopping and cooking makes people laugh!

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