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Sanya Sanya licks the new marine entertainment project "Super Running at Sea", which is novel, fun and exciting

2022-11-03 22:53:00Ctrip Travel Notes

Ride the sea freely,Feel the seaside style of the border town island,Unleash charm and passion.Following Sanya wake surfing,Another new type of marine entertainment project is emerging again in Sanya“Supercar at sea”.

Supercar at sea,It's a sports car that drives on the sea,The shape is basically the same as that of a sports car on land,Only the driving range is different;The cost of a supercar at sea is millions,Powered by jet,车身长5.2米,宽2米,雅马哈vx1100电机,排水量1.316t,功率170hp,最高时速可达90km,属IV类,Has excellent sailing comfort,Designed from Italy,Known as the Aston Martin at sea.

Sanya marine supercar adds new gameplay and new fun to Sanya marine entertainment projects,Not only increased tourism revenue,It also enriches the experience of tourists and friends.

Perhaps many of my friends have experienced the thrill of drifting at sea,Probably from a jet ski,快艇,But you must have never experienced the thrill and excitement of super running;Then the marine super-running entertainment project introduced by Sanya not only enriches the speed and passion of marine entertainment,At the same time, it can bring maximum comfort and luxury to the guests on the yacht.

Sanya marine supercars are available in red, yellow, blue and green and other colors,At present, three packages have been launched for travelers and friends to choose from:

1,self-drive charter boat60分钟,同时可乘坐4人,You can experience the self-driving of supercars at sea.

2,self-drive charter boat30分钟,同时可乘坐4人,You can experience the self-driving of supercars at sea.

3,5km single experience,Only one person sits at a time.

上述3个套餐,The single-player experience is quite affordable by comparison,体验感良好,If you don't think it's fun, you can choose to charter a boat30minutes or charter1小时,If you choose to charter a boat, you must take sun protection measures,After all, driving between the blue sea and blue sky,The sun is also hotter and hotter.

The precautions for experiencing super running at sea are as follows:

A marine supercar runs on the sea,And the sea has waves of varying sizes from time to time,既刺激又好玩.

1,Waterproof your phone before you experience it;

2,贵重物品,Valuable jewelry should not be carried,请妥善保管,Otherwise, if you accidentally fall into the sea, you will not be able to get it back;

3,Sharp objects are prohibited,Sharp jewelry,To prevent the supercar from accidentally stabbing others while driving,As well as stabbing yourself or accidentally stabbing the supercar hull.

4,Suffering from vertigo,晕船严重,suffer from serious illness,患有心脏病,People with deep-sea phobia are not allowed to experience super running at sea.

Visit Sanya in person,Feel the gift of the blue sea,Enjoy the joy of paddling at sea,Bring back good childhood memories.来吧,三亚欢迎您,Welcome to Sanya Tourism,Welcome to experience the Sanya marine supercar entertainment project.

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