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Demystifying the part-time "water army" in the entertainment industry: earning pocket money by brushing praise and splashing sewage

2022-10-30 02:17:51The third is also a technical worker

Id = "article_content" < td>< br> 8 p.m., a film and television propaganda task within WeChat group.Jiang Rui (a pseudonym) within the group of hit reply soon, and then she log on to their weibo account, copy will be in the same group has already been prepared and sent pictures out, "xx acting really contagious, emotional convey quite in place."Key topics entry end attached as propaganda.For group manager after review the task sent situation, Jiang Rui success is paid two dollars.This is the main content of Jiang Rui part-time work - when a showbiz "water army".< br>< br> brush reputably, write promotion soft wen, splashing water...Some can earn thousands of yuan a month."Xinhua viewpoint" reporter survey found that wander in grey area network "water army" is mainly some part-time workers, their orders online, part-time earn pocket money "water army".< br>< br> a few months ago, Jiang Rui via introduction to join a part-time group.After simple training, she became a "water army".Jiang Rui said, the main work content is dynamic, film and television works in the microblog propaganda star, sent by sending a single task, in the same group of part-time "water army" rob list, then send in weibo writing good advertising copy."As long as there is a social account can earn the money."< br>< br> according to the personage inside course of study introduces, network "water army" both machine account, also have a real account.Commonly known as "zombie" machines account, home page is usually a batch of advertising, easy to cause "false".While real account for the expression of a more personalized, more popular in the Internet hype.< br>< br> a marketing company in guangzhou staff Qin Xiaoyan (a pseudonym) tells a reporter, some "water army" in pr company "ma3 jia3", but in fact is the "mix" a few people, a large collection of real account.Due to hire full-time "water army" cost is high, they aim at the part-time job.< br>< br> "a praise, clockwork comments point can a few cents to a few dollars of income.This time is flexible, with slight 'part-time' workload, is very attractive for young people to earn pocket money."School of journalism &communication, jinan university, professor zhang said raining.< br>< br> guangzhou citizens fang-fang liu (a pseudonym) said that a lot of friends have joined the part-time "water army" group."At first is see recruit someone on twitter.In order to make money, a few of us have followed her into the group when the "water army"."< br>< br> reporter on QQ input "promoted" "data maintenance" keyword search, found a lot of "water army" purchase service QQ group, covering all kinds of social platform.< br>< br> in addition, according to a "water army" recruiters, pull head can also be cut.This way of recruitment to part-time "water army" community viral inflation.< br>< br> the guangzhou baiyun district procuratorate XiaoYaJing introduction, the first prosecution department prosecutors to buy "water army" service of process generally need more levels, each level of profit is a profit.Promotion of the majority of part-time staff, located in the grey at the bottom of the industrial chain.< br>< br> raining on think, "water army" in the online world hot search, flow control, concocted false opinion, light affect the judgment, the choice of the public, or damage the rights of others, influence social justice, serious hazard.People seem to have a sober understanding, resolutely refused to get paid in the improper way.< br>< br> in addition, the legal professionals to remind, part-time "water army" may lurk legal risk.< br>< br> XiaoYaJing said, part-time "water army" if inappropriate comments, infringement of personal and property rights of others, may be in violation of the law on public security administration punishments, if the circumstances are serious and may even violate the criminal law, suspected of charges including network stir-up-trouble crime, libel and deliberately spread false information crime, the crime of illegal use of information network, etc.If the organizer, the organization, to attract other people who spread false information, may also suspected of the crime, and if play a major role in a joint crime, is to be handled as a principal.< br>< br> for many years, "water army" psoriasis as cyberspace, long-standing and difficult to cure.< br>< br> Qin Xiaoyan says, "water army" brought traffic to a certain extent to the platform.In order to heat, platform in regulatory sometimes "turn a blind eye".At the same time, part-time "water army" represents the reality behind the accounts, compared with the machine account, has the certain difficulty in monitoring level, a platform would not "tube" "tube" bad situation.< br>< br> raining on think, strengthen the industry regulation is the key to cutting "water army" industrial chain.In technical level, platform should strengthen the recognition of abnormal forward, reviews and other network activity and regulation.XiaoYaJing advice, increase the administrative regulation of the Internet company, to carry out the Internet real-name system by the user.< br>< br> experts questioned said that the current "water army" industry has formed a complete gray and black industry chain, but as a result of the contact between the chain is not tight, division in information network, general task, by the network part-time workers to "claim", this kind of cross regional and dispersion is harder to hit.< br>< br> XiaoYaJing said that Internet users in the network virtual sexual identity and theme of uncertainty, also provide protection for the "water army", "water army" cases, can cause network regulators determine behavior main body has the certain difficulty and not controllable.< br>< br> "network" water army "campaigns are relying on network platform, so the release information and transactions are electronic evidence.Collection of electronic evidence need to have a strong professional knowledge and skills, the investigation organ or the relevant regulatory authorities and the network enterprise information sharing mechanism remains to be perfect, it is difficult to ensure timely, efficient, standardized electronic forensics, influence the investigation of "water army"."XiaoYaJing said.< br>< br> of expert advice, we will further improve the relevant laws and regulations, improve the relevant departments of the supervisory ability of the network platform, stepping up efforts to strike "water army".For suspected criminal network "water army", must dig the industrial chain, cut off the profit chain."At the same time, but also increase the intensity of network rights and interests of the civil law protection, the network tort, to increase the penalties for compensation."XiaoYaJing said.(participation concludes: Liu Qi, easy to smile yan deeply) < br>< br> source: xinhua < br>< / td>

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