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The Web3 outlet blows into the entertainment industry: Stephen Chow ins posts recruitment, Jay Chou sells NFT

2022-10-26 10:38:46Golden finance

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Stephen chow's a tweet,再次把Web3Brought to the wider public.


Low-key Stephen chow,Suddenly registration openedINS账号,And high employment,For his foray intoWeb3And spin.


猛地一看,As a comedian and director Stephen chow,And science and technology circle the hottestWeb3Pull together seems to be some acosmia feeling.但实际上,Stephen chow as early as this year3月就在Discord网站,和NFT(数字藏品)项目FWENCLUB创始人对话,公开表达了对NFT、区块链、Yuan positive attitudes of the universe.

不止周星驰,Before he had jj Lin、周杰伦、王家卫、陈木胜、汪峰、Yi, well-known figure inNFT和Web3Field tried water.

一时间,Entertainment industry investment in science and technology new concept air mouth has become a trend.

01 Web3A star with money

从某种程度来说,对Web3The ordinary users education,A large part of the is done by the stars,One of the most well known is the jay Chou.

2022年1月,Jay's popular logoPHANTACi和元宇宙平台Ezek联合推出的NFT作品“Phanta Bear(幻想熊)”,上线5分钟售出3000个,仅仅40分钟就宣布售罄,收入约6200万元;半个月内,“幻想熊”NFTTrading volume has more than5亿.

Phanta Bear

The dazzling transcript,A strong start to bring the stars.Jay Chou, then drive the entertainment circle friends playing togetherNFT,Such as jj Lin、陈冠希、方文山、Ashin etc..Can say jay Chou with huge personal flowNFT赋能,让NFTOn the breadth and depth of the spread is improved,实现破圈.

明星的加盟,Not only brings the user education,Back to the market broughtNew Money.

陈木胜导演的NFT作品《怒火·重案》拍卖价超过21万港元;王家卫的电影NFT作品《花样年华——一刹那》卖出428.5万港元;Jj Lin spent12.3Dollars in yuan bought three pieces of the universe of virtual property;And buyingNFT产品,包括无聊猿、蒂芙尼的NFTiff等;Mr Wang has releasedWeb3音乐专辑;Yi was foundedNFT项目Theirsverse……

值得一提的是,The entertainment stars release work,And the new concept of capital market is changing maintains the high synchronous:Yuan the universe fire said yuan;NFTThe fire will switch toNFT;现在又轮到了Web3……Time to let a person not sure,These new concepts fresh air is complete the ground,胜利在望?Or continue to cut chives encircling money?

It's stretched out a very important question:From last year's universe、到今年的NFT和Web3,These new technologies changed the name of the new tuyere,But in essence the same,逐渐走向融合.

Web3Be inclusive of matrix,Whether it's yuan universe orNFTAll be supportingWeb3Of the niche.

02 Web3包容万物

简单来说,Web3的核心是去中心化,The Internet is also a kind of more freedom,The network from the company controls the liberation on the server.在这里,No any entity can controlWeb3的信息流,Not because who are“拔插头”的权利,Can destroy the network.

Yuan universe is enduring online virtual universe,The user can work in the virtual space、游戏和社交.

The two essence is the same,不管是元宇宙还是Web3,They all belong to a kind of“沉浸式网络”,Represents the Internet3次大规模迭代,描绘2.0网络向3.0The future of the era evolution.

The boundaries between the two is fuzzy,Because have no ground to realize project,The future blueprint in conception in fantasy,As for their future what it was like,All what shape is that developers want to into.

Web3和元宇宙都在追求去中心化的开放性特征,The most striking features distribution paradigm will be ordering again,By decentralized financial(DeFi),将数据的所有权归还给用户.也就是说,在Web3里,Creators truly become masters of their own work.

而NFT(Non-Fungi-bleToken,非同质化通证)Is the implementation of property rights on the Internet that a user has the key.简单来说,NFTIn network technology can be your music/设计/文章/Images such as original content,With block position in the chain of corresponding,Set up for this asset property.

The user as long as have aNFT,He has to the asset(音乐/设计/文章/影像等)The corresponding control.As if we have house property card,Can that we own a set of housing.

简单来说,NFT是Web3的一种具现化,两者是密不可分的.因为NFT实现的前提,就需要Web3The creator of decentralized economic.同样,如果没有NFT,Web3Cannot be user intuitive understanding to,Can only become a virtual concept.

Web3Looks very good,Millions of people to believe,Such as domestic actress Annie yi,In the social media for many timesWeb3发声,并表示:“What is learned in the rest of my life,都可以奉献给Web3.”

Yi dynamic

但实际上,国内Web3The situation of sorrow and hopeful.According to gyro institute:仅2022年上半年,与Web3相关的新建投资基金107支,总金额达399亿美元;涉及到a16z、Paradigm、红杉资本、高盛、IDG、高瓴、Fabric, and other investment institutions their.

Market Research Future预测:到2023年,Web3.0区块链技术领域的价值将超过6万亿美元.

Flowers behind the kam fire boil oil,Also the bodies of countless fallen.2022年9月共计101.17One hundred million yuan of total investment amount in the,Web3领域以49.90One hundred million yuan line leading venture capital circle;同样,在9On the mainland has47个Web3The project is shutting down.

03 Regulation gradually tightening

Web3The concept of always changing.

早期的Web3More is to describe“网状网络”:把原本的“客户端-服务器”The architecture of the change of“多节点、多中心”.在“网状网络”结构中,每个人都是中心,每个人都可以连接并影响其他节点.

现在的Web3But put focus on the chain block and decentralized,Look is a kind of“不被定义”、“Infinite possible future”Such as good business slogan,But the subtext is behind the infinite“瞎说”.Any virtual concept,都可以加在Web3上,让Web3Become the pronoun of slogans and painted flowers.


当Web3The industry's market value across3万亿美元大关时,Nature will be under scrutiny by the various countries authority.

美国对于Web3Has been actively encouraging state,Many public voice:“希望Web3Revolution in the United States first.”But the SEC(SEC)Has been emphasized to“Web3Digital assets into the field of securities regulation”,Control the desire strong;金融市场工作组(PWG)Released a report about digital stable currency,呼吁国会通过新的紧急立法以“填补监管空白”,预计未来对NFTThe regulation will gradually strengthen.

瑞士、英国、Portugal and other European countries are also actively encouragingWeb3,Announced noWeb3的资本利得税,对外国收入免税,And has been recruitingWeb3创新者.

在亚洲,Japan's financial services agency has set up a department to handle digital currency financial regulatory issues;South Korea plans to in2024In available to the public by chain block protection digital identity,And seek to be in two years4500Thousands of people use;Top Asian encryption convention in SingaporeTOKEN2049,超7000多位参与者、2000多家全球公司亮相,使其成为加密产业有史以来规模最大、参与人数最多的活动.

China has always advocated“Currency chain separation”,Ban on virtual currency dig、交易等行为,And identified as illegal fund-raising felony;But on the other hand, support block chain、元宇宙等Web3Technology for industrial upgrading and digital transformation.

总体来看,Most countries forWeb3In the field of attitude are mainly support,但对于Web3In the field of law、规划、Actions such as regulatory,In accelerating.

虽然Web3Business story is more and more rich and colorful,Is the capital focus on areas of.但不管是Web3,还是元宇宙、NFT,Is capital allowed in the new game.

对于资本来说,Web3Is a full of the unknown,不论是加密机构还是传统VC,都是摸着石头过河,Did not have a standard answer or template to reference.Only through time and time again the project output of perfect logic and market understanding,再来进行筛选.

对于普通人来说,Web3Is still frame mouth give yellow millet dream.Early involvement in new concept is unwise not clear,See a lively more realistic.

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