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springboot+jsp+ssm elderly entertainment center management system idea maven

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Design and implement a rural elderly management system based on JSP technology, SSM framework, B/S organization, and Mysql database.The system mainly includes functional modules such as cadre management, elderly information management, volunteer management, entertainment club management, volunteer service management, regular physical examination management, health record management, and disease notification management.
The performance of the system is carried out from the aspects of (function, operation, interface, security), etc., we will analyze one by one below;Codes and algorithms are introduced in detail in the form of tables and texts to ensure complete functions;
2. Analyze whether the system is running smoothly: each function of the system has the relationship between the data written and the code to respond to, through the requirementsAnalysis and Feasibility Analysis Analyze and display the physical data of the system to ensure its smooth operation;
3. Analyze the interface design of the system: the way of processing and analyzing the software in the system is carried out by different codes;This makes the interface easy to operate.
4. Analyze the security of the system: In this way, the information corresponding to each role can be different. When logging into the system, you must use your own account and password to log in. If the account and password are wrong, the login will fail.After logging in successfully, you can operate your own information, but you cannot view the information of other people's accounts, which naturally ensures the security of the system.


Chapter 1 Overview 1
1.1 Research Background 1
1.2 Development Significance 1
1.3 Research Status 1
1.4 Research Content 2
1.5 Thesis Structure 2
Chapter 2 DevelopmentTechnology Introduction 3
2.1 System Development Platform 3
2.2 Platform Development Related Technology 3
2.2.1 JSP Technology Introduction 3
2.2.2 Mysql Database Introduction 3
2.2.3 B/S Architecture3
Chapter III System Analysis 5
3.1 Feasibility Analysis 5
3.1.1 Technical Feasibility 5
3.1.2 Operational Feasibility 5
3.1.3 Economic Feasibility 5
3.2 Performance Requirements Analysis 5
Chapter IV System Design 5
4.1 Functional Structure 7
4.2 Database Design 7
4.2.1 Database E/R Diagram 7
4.2.2 Database Table 9
Chapter 5 System Function Implementation 13
5.1 Administrator Function Module 13
5.2 Cadre Function Module 16
5.3 Front Page Function Module 16
Chapter 6 System Test 21
SeventhChapter Summary and Experience 22
7.1 Summary 22
7.2 Experience 22
Acknowledgements 23
References 24

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