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200,000 car large screen + car entertainment system, the upcoming Yundu π1 lite play version has it

2022-10-14 17:51:22car owner home

Today, all kinds of new energy vehicles and fuel vehicles are equipped with high-tech large screens. Of course, it should be a "black technology" only for 200,000 B-class cars, right?On the contrary, Yundu π1 is about to launch a new lite version in October with a guide price of just over 70,000 yuan. With the advantages of both large space and affordable price, this upcoming new car will attract a lot of attention.

    Combining beauty and technology, you can play high-tech without 100,000

In terms of body color matching, the Yundu π1lite Play Edition brings three highly recognizable colors: polar white, refreshing green and light lake blue, bringing consumers a richer variety of choices.In addition to the upgraded appearance, the Yundu π1lite Play Edition is also equipped with a new 10.25-inch 1920×720 high-definition smart car screen.The car system adopts the Qualcomm Snapdragon octa-core processor core, and the operation is smooth and efficient, meeting the needs of daily car use.Compared with some models of the same level that can only use common functions such as radio, the large screen of Yundu π1lite Play Edition can not only experience voice-controlled navigation, music, radio, phone calls and other functions online, but also has an exclusive built-in car KTV software package.Support online KTV function, meet consumers' spiritual entertainment needs with the unique on-board KTV function of the same level, a family can sing free life, anytime, anywhere.

It is reported that while the models of the same level are still meeting the basic driving functions, the Yundu π1lite Play Edition has taken into account the in-car entertainment experience of drivers and passengers.Yundu π1lite Play Edition puts Leishi KTV in the car, allowing users to enjoy the freedom of K-song while sitting in the car, and enjoy and enjoy with Tesla, Ideal, Lantu, Dongfeng, Lynk & Co, Weimar, Leaphorse, etc.The same in-vehicle entertainment experience as many car companies, and the unique mobile audio-visual experience at the same level, give drivers an in-vehicle entertainment time to enjoy life.Just imagine, in the long-distance travel, the car KTV can bring more joy to the drivers and passengers, making the car a KTV box for walking family.

    Long battery life, large space, easy daily family travel

In terms of battery life and space, the Yundu π1lite Play Edition continues the excellent performance of the previous Yundu π1lite light version.The Yundu π1lite Play Edition NEDC has a battery life of 351km under standard operating conditions. Once fully charged, it can basically meet commuting tasks for a week, and travel around the city for short-distance travel without worry.

As an entry-level SUV, the space of the Yundu π1lite Play Edition is also very surprising. The wheelbase of 2460mm is second to none in the same class of products, and there is a large space of 310L trunk, even if the whole family travels, there is enough spaceStore luggage.The Yundu π1lite Play Edition is also equipped with a large-angle high-sensitivity reversing radar, a reversing image and an EPB electronic parking system, making it easier to ride and safer to drive on long-distance travel.

    Better than the same level of SUV, cost-effective family car experience

It is worth mentioning that the Yundu π1lite Play Edition has a good competitiveness in the same class of models. While its own product strength meets the needs of urban commuting, the Yundu π1lite Play Edition brings more funThe high-tech car-machine interaction and in-car entertainment functions, and the unique in-car KTV of the same level makes the π1lite Play Edition upgrade from a commuter tool to a "little paradise" for the life and entertainment of the car occupants, bringing a variety of high-quality life.possibility.

Judging from the price in the early 70,000s and the configuration functions it has, the Yundu π1lite Play Edition has an excellent performance-to-price ratio. It is worth looking forward to for consumers who plan to buy a pure electric SUV in the near future. This new car will also be available inOfficially launched in October, fans who are looking forward to it can come to the store to experience it for themselves and enjoy the special features of the Yundu π1lite Play Edition.

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