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Internship | QQ Music (Shenzhen) Entertainment Marketing Intern

2022-10-13 12:33:26One Brain Cloud

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Job Responsibilities

Responsible for the integrated communication of the cooperative music project
From the initial creative output, writing the communication plan, to the promotion and implementation of the communication plan, checking the video material copywriting, etc., to ensure the communication effect of the project, and complete the project summary report;


Collect and accumulate the latest information on major platforms, and sort out the resource system and gameplay suitable for product business cooperation.

Job Requirements

Students who are full-time students, work 5 days a week, and have an internship period of not less than 3 months. The arrival time is October, the sooner the better ASAP;
I love the entertainment industry, and my work is more about entertainment than entertainment.Music circle;
Strong communication skills and writing skills, good at collaboration;
Strong work passion and autonomy, able to withstand greater work pressure.

Delivery email: [email protected]
CC: [email protected]

Typesetting | Su Ying
Proofreading | Sister Miaojun

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