作者:Marco Manoppo


从小学到大学,Play a lot of game in my life.现在,I won't pretending to be a social disorder children,In the absence of friends growing up,The only escape is game or online.然而,Whenever I am at home have“独处时间”时(我是独生子),I always turn to the Internet,Especially in the game as the main source of entertainment of I.

信不信由你,My father really is in the absence of my request,By our own interested to buyPlaystation 1和2(SONY released video games).I was too young,Cannot understand the latest game equipment development,Not to mention require to buy.The most impressive thing is I see dad in the living room to play《侠盗猎车手3》.

多年来,There are quite a part of my personal growth and knowledge contribution to the game.I grew up in a non-english speaking country,Major English communication is through online games and people from all over the world dialogue,特别是MMORPG(大型多人在线角色扮演游戏).It also taught me the competition,对艺术/Enjoy telling stories,And strategic thinking.

在大学的四年时间里,I'm just in the spare time to watch game industry,Because compared with high school,I don't have enough time to totally immersed in the game.Once I decided to devoted to something,I will become too competitive,While I was in university, and have no time to play games.

在这篇文章中,I want to illustrate why I watch the game from the Angle of investment industry,And why I think it is closely related with the cultural development of the younger generation.

在本文中,I will mention many times“游戏”行业.实际上,This term is not completely accurate.我所说的“游戏”Is a gaming technology、电子竞技、The combination of live, etc;Perhaps a more appropriate term isDr Disrespect曾经说过的“Interactive entertainment industry”.在本文中,I called his simple game industry.

More technical than you realize

In the process of creating a game,In addition to the creative aspects,A lot of things are of high quality simulation.When we shoot and kill the enemy the role of,This is a kind of simulation.基本上,Anything happens in the game in the virtual world is carefully designed simulation.Unity TechnologiesIs one of the largest participants in the game industry,It used to be associated with the game industry cooperation,The software has been:

Hong Kong international airport is used to simulate the flow

Filmmakers used to make a movie《狮子王》

The army used to create immersive3DMaintenance training application

与此同时,Another big companyUnreal Engine(Epic Games旗下公司)制作了《堡垒之夜》等热门游戏,Intel recently Travis·斯科特(Travis Scott)Yuan universe concert and online interactive entertainment has achieved breakthrough.UnrealAlso special software is developed with the film production of,And cooperation with famous studio,Such as responsible for making diffuse wei、Star Wars and《权力的游戏》的The Third Floor.

随着图形处理器(GPU)质量的提高,Cases of gaming technology will be able to transfer to other industries and the overlap of,Because they have crossed nature.We often forget the so-called game technology is no longer justN64,它现在包括:



虚拟现实->Half-Life: Alyx


云计算->Google Stadia

On-demand game-> Twitch, FB Gaming, Youtube Gaming

社交媒体-> 100 Thieves,TSM




Makes the game industry so appealing factor is still grossly underestimated its value.Despite its huge business、Technology and cultural relevance,But with most of the capital in the world of the older generation of(GenXGeneration and the baby boom generation)Are not fully aware of the potential of the industry.

Chart compares the standard & poor's500指数(S&P500)与前5大游戏ETF的表现.截至2020年9月11日,这些游戏ETF的资产管理规模(AUM)合计约为9.5亿美元.


When we will be two of the largest gameETF (ESPO和HERO)The performance of other technology and science and technology industryETF进行比较时,我们可以看到,游戏ETFSo far this year's performance is better than that of other techETF.这里需要注意的是,New outbreak of champions league is a big help for industry,And most of the gameETFA relatively young,That means we still need to see if they can withstand the test of time.


We can also see from the rectangular tree diagram below,And other techETF相比,Two of the biggest gamesETF的AUM仍然相形见绌.然而,Many game companies still have not taken into account is private.


展望未来,As investors in the world there is no risk-free interest rate to seek more growth assets,And more and more game companies listed,We can only imagine the gameETFWill go through the size and growth.

Internet culture wisdom

也许,Make the game industry in the near future so incredibly ready to get the upper hand of the most is that it has not been discussed factors and“深度”The culture of the Internet users association.The depth of the here refers to people who spend a lot of time surfing the Internet,To understand the latest development of、Trends and culture.Similar to business mind,There is also a skill called Internet culture wisdom.Most people have this skill is the millennium generation andZ世代,Only a handful of smartXA generation of exception,比如GaryVee.This is because the younger generation to spend more time on the Internet,尤其是玩游戏,或者更广泛地说,Spend more time on“Interactive entertainment industry”.

From the talk show host and celebrities are increasingly embracing Internet platform can also see the importance of the Internet culture wisdom,Because of the latest trends and cultural relevance first began to appear on the Internet.They took many years to acknowledgeYoutube,But they spent a shorter time to admit thatTwitch和TikTok的相关性.


我们还可以看到,Associated with the game's way of life and the media brand is becoming more and more important,Team Solomid和100 ThievesSuch as derived from esports/Game culture of the company to raise money from investors for hundreds of millions of dollars to expand the scale of business.除此之外,These types of companies will also have a huge impact on the entire web celebrity culture,Because they have already started and was originally known as non-gamers web celebrity signing and into the game culture.

SolomidTeam recently signed a chess prodigy、Five times won the international chess champion nakamura light(Hikaru Nakamura).100 ThievesSigned by popular slang“Ok Boomer”而闻名的Tik Tok网红Neekolul.Under the same brand have different web celebrity almost can create something similar to the network effect,To multiply the brand influence,Make it become one of the most professional web celebrity in China.


此外,Game industry also has a lot of knowledge property right(IP),This is every successful enterprise must have one of the most important asset types.In the field of science and technology or financial,这一点可能不那么明显,因为IPIs confidential or trade strategy algorithm of social media.在游戏行业,IPThe importance of has improved,因为它与艺术、Creative and world construction together.

Similar to diffuse power such as comic books,Excellent game with beyond age and cultureIP.No matter what language you say,你都知道《超级马里奥》Is a try to customs clearance to rescue the princess.Large companies in the entertainment business is beginning to realize that.More and more games have been made into a film,比如最近的电影《精灵宝可梦》和Netflix的《巫师》(源自书籍,Due to the game pop).


As technology and cultural relevance to enhance,The game industry will only become more and more big.Players will no longer be with those who have no social life、每天花12Hours in the basement of his parents play a game of negative stigma associated with being overweight individuals,Game technology use cases will no longer be confined to the design,The importance of it will be increasingly overlap with another kind of emerging technologies.