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Xiao dragon carnival landing chengdu show full digital entertainment experience

2022-08-22 10:16:44Chinese Industry Information Station


There will be four themed exhibition areas at the Snapdragon Carnival - Snapdragon Hardcore Quest Hall, Snapdragon Gaming Pioneer Elite Invitational Tournament, Snapdragon Smart Driving New District and SnapdragonJD. renews the super universe, in addition to popular IP, Coser show, bubble party, cultural and creative peripherals, open-air music festival, extreme sports performance, Snapdragon 8K immersive cinema, etc.It is believed that it will bring a shocking future experience to technology enthusiasts, gamers and Generation Z crowd.


At the venue, you can see many achievements of Qualcomm's use of Snapdragon technology to empower the development of the mobile e-sports industry.The global mobile game event created by Qualcomm and ESLGaming - the Snapdragon E-sports Pioneer Elite Invitational Finals will be staged during the Snapdragon Carnival. Professional teams and anchor teams will compete fiercely in four popular competitive mobile game projects to winWith a total prize of up to 1.6 million yuan, the audience will enjoy the most exciting e-sports event.


In the three themed exhibition areas of Xiaolong Hardcore Quest Hall, Xiaolong Zhijia New District and Xiaolong JD.Snapdragon 8+ smart mobile phone, TWS true wireless headset, Snapdragon XR device, Wi-FiRouters, Snapdragon notebooks, Snapdragon smart cockpit cars, etc., fully experience the digital entertainment experience powered by Snapdragon and connected to everything.


Of course, the most attention from the audience may be the many new Snapdragon 8+ smartphones.The Snapdragon 8+ platform, officially released at the end of May, not only has better performance in terms of performance and power consumption, but also provides users with better connectivity, AI, security, imaging, gaming, and audio.Experience in the technical field, so that the Snapdragon core smartphone can get the top user experience.


For example, the newly released Samsung flagship series of fourth-generation folding screens, including Samsung GalaxyZ Fold4 and Galaxy ZFlip4, all use the latest SnapdragonThe 8+ mobile platform not only provides powerful performance and energy efficiency, but also relies on the seventh-generation Qualcomm AI engine to bring unparalleled AI capabilities and up to 20% energy efficiency improvement.Good performance; make use of the dedicated trust management engine of Snapdragon 8+ to improve the security of applications and services, so that these two business flagships can better protect the security and privacy of users; the latest FastConnect6900 can bring top Wi-FiFi 6/6E and advanced Bluetooth capabilities allow users to always enjoy the best wireless experience, whether online for work or entertainment.


For example, the Xiaomi 12SUltra, which creates a new standard for mobile photography, also uses the Snapdragon 8+ mobile platform.It brings a high-quality Leica color shooting experience through the joint development of the 1-inch main camera and Leica.Among them, the SnapdragonSight Snapdragon imaging technology also brings strong support at the bottom of the chip. For example, SpectraISP can process 3.2 billion pixels of data per second, and the seventh-generation Qualcomm AI engine helps Xiaomi's imaging brain and Cyberfocus's imaging algorithms to track everything better.It also has the ability to start fast, capture fast, burst fast, and take pictures day and night.


The Red Magic 7S series, which mainly focuses on e-sports gaming experience, relies on the Snapdragon 8+ mobile platform to improve performance by up to 10% and reduce energy efficiency by up to 30%. With physical Fan's multiple cooling system, Snapdragon Elite Gaming feature brings many upgradeable end-game features, as well as a four-dimensional synchronization algorithm composed of rendering and imaging synchronization, five-fold rendering buffer, TC supplementary frame, MagicWrite magic sketch, comprehensiveImprove the gaming experience; there is also SnapdragonSound Snapdragon listening technology, which can be used in conjunction with TWS Bluetooth headsets that also support this technology to obtain ultra-high sound quality and ultra-low game latency.

At the carnival, the audience can experience the brand-new Snapdragon smartphones and experience the six leading technology fields of excellent connectivity, AI, security, imaging, gaming, and audio;Snapdragon notebooks, WiFi routers and many other Snapdragon category devices, enjoy the intelligent life of the Internet of Everything; moreover, you can experience the supreme enjoyment of e-sports events on the spot... At the Snapdragon Carnival, enjoy the digital entertainment world empowered by Snapdragon!

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