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Zhiyang Entertainment: What are the techniques for optimizing Weibo's popular search rankings?

2022-08-14 18:32:47horse and pony

Zhiyang Entertainment: Weibo Top Trending Search RankingWhat are the techniques for optimization?I believe that many people have questions. Today, Shenzhen Zhiyang Culture Media Co., Ltd. will answer it with you!

It is well known that Sina Weibo is a social + search+ Media platform, make full use of search ranking rules to get more traffic, so how to improve Weibo search ranking?What are the factors that affect Weibo search ranking?

Zhiyang Entertainment: Weibo Top Trending Search RankingThe optimization techniques are as follows:

Zhiyang Entertainment: What are the tips for optimizing Weibo's hot search ranking?

First of all, you need to know what influences the ranking of Weibo?

First, in terms of account weight, goldV>Blue V>Orange V>Daren>Ordinary account, the second is determined by the number and quality of fans, so it is best to authenticate your Weibo first, authentication can improve your weight, and it is easier for individuals to pass through Orange V;

Second, keywords, nicknames, personal tags, blog postsThe degree of overlap of the keywords in it, the higher the degree of overlap, the higher the ranking.But it's not asking you to repeat the same keywords. It is recommended that you include the corresponding keywords in your Weibo username, and at the same time add relevant keywords to your personal tags, and publish blog posts with relevant keywords;

Third, the factor that affects the ranking of a single Weibo post is likes, the amount of forwarding, these data will affect the recommendation of your blog posts, any platform is the same, everyone knows the algorithm of Toutiao, and the interactive data has a great impact;

Fourth, interact with fans frequently, such as commenting and interacting, others comment, you must reply, and there are advertisements toDelete in time;

5. Weibo search rankingOptimization is actually similar to other platforms, but for Weibo, you must find a segmented industry to do it, and the content should preferably be original, and fan data must be done in the early stage.

Master the underlying logic, everything is very simple.

Make a reasonable content update frequency schedule, such asHow much each morning, noon and night?What are the arrangements for Monday to Sunday?Persistence, content precipitation takes a certain amount of time, and microblog weight update also takes time. Persevere and don’t give up, microblog operation will definitely be effective.

Traffic means that people must make use of it when dealing with peopleValue is sincere, and value comes from content. No matter what industry you are in, you must create content, followed by trust, and then build your personal brand. Traditional Internet marketing is no longer the best way to acquire customers!

The above is Shenzhen Zhiyang Culture Media Co., Ltd.The editor introduced to you Zhiyang Entertainment: What are the techniques for optimizing the ranking of Weibo's hot search rankings, I hope it will be helpful for you to read!

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