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High altitude entertainment body to visitors have certain requirements imposed by high entertainment

2022-07-29 14:55:29Guangzhou News

大洋网讯 Is the summer vacation travel peak,large scenic spot、The high-altitude experience project of the amusement park has become the most popular in recent years.“网红”.广州市应急管理局提醒,7月下旬,Amusement items walking on the trestle in the air“步步惊心”,Two falls in one day,Although the incident was not in Guangzhou,But citizens go out to play、While feeling the stimulation, you must pay attention to safety hazards,If the physical condition does not meet the requirements, you must not try.

Two falls in one day

Announcement from the Culture and Tourism Bureau of Jizhou District, Tianjin,7月22日14时许,一名游客在游玩九山顶景区“步步惊心”项目时突发身体不适导致昏迷,在工作人员救助过程中坠落,后经抢救无效死亡.目前,该景区已全面停业整顿,对各类娱乐项目进行全面的安全隐患排查.

同样是7月22日,Hubei enshi geocentric valley scenic area“步步惊心”The project also has a tourist fall incident,101-year-old boy with lumbar and thoracic vertebrae fractures.现场视频画面显示,事发时,The tourist has been removed from the protective measures on his body,on the suspension bridge2People try to rescue,But the tourist still fell from a height.7月23日,恩施地心谷景区工作人员回应称确有此事,The injured tourist was taken to the hospital that day,The high-altitude project in the accident has been closed and is not open to tourists.

What are the safety hazards of high-altitude projects?

市应急管理局介绍,Many high-altitude entertainment projects fail to establish a sound amusement equipment safety management system,Some amusement parks have also failed to implement regular inspection and maintenance of amusement equipment,cause the device to break during use、损坏,high-altitude fall、accident.

Most high-altitude entertainment equipment requires high-power power supply to ensure operation,Some amusement parks fail to implement regular inspections of equipment circuits.When short circuit leakage occurs,It will cause the tourist to be electrocuted when accidentally touched.

High-altitude entertainment projects have certain requirements on the body of tourists,Some amusement park failed to be tourists,lead to children、老人、Dangerous use of equipment by sick patients.

What preparations should be made for high-altitude projects?

People experience high project should choose formal security playground,We should be more vigilant about popular but obviously dangerous high-altitude projects,Must not covet is cheap and choose informal amusement park.

Visitors who do not meet the requirements must not try,Such as the height is not in conformity with the provisions of the children,患有心脏病、Patients with diseases such as high blood pressure,frail elderly,Can't force high-altitude entertainment.

Before riding equipment,Security locks should be carefully checked、Safety rope and other devices,If an abnormality is found, the staff must be contacted in time,Quickly leave the entertainment device.

当设备发生故障时,应当保持冷静,Cut to solve the security device or out of the equipment.Every effort should be made to ensure that safety devices are not damaged,And hold on to the safety rope or safety buckle around you.

If the above project for the ferris wheel,In the event of danger, the entire back should be pressed against the wall,good support,and protect the neck with both hands,Stand naturally with feet shoulder-width apart,脚尖点地,heel lift,双腿弯曲,做好缓冲准备.

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