《 Qingpingle 》 Zhang Mao, the founder of the middle period, attracted everyone's attention as soon as he went online , The follow-up development of his relationship with empress Cao is really highly anticipated .

One is the introverted and gentle intrauterine supervisor , One is the bold and informal queen of the palace , Their emotional entanglement is quite interesting .

The emotional line of Zhang MAOZe in the play is obscure and affectionate , Ye Zuxin's emotional line outside the play is not complicated , On the contrary, it is somewhat dramatic .

It's mainly the story of Ye Zuxin, his ex girlfriend Jiang Xin and his current girlfriend Zhang Jianing .

Among them, ye Zuxin's relationship with Jiang Xin is well known , They know each other in micro time ,03 I've been tied up in drama since .

At that time, both of them were small roles in the entertainment industry , In the circle, they work hard to develop and encourage each other , Over time, the two people naturally become a pair ,

Even Yuan Hong enviously said that they loved each other very much .

stay 《 Zhen Huan preach 》 Later, because of her busy work, Jiang Xin couldn't get home ,12 Jiang's mother fell ill in , It was yezuxin who took care of Jiang Xin's mother before her bed , This year has laid a solid emotional foundation for both of them , Both families are very satisfied with each other , So in 13 In, Jiang Xin took the initiative to announce her love on Weibo , Tell ye Zuxin to take him out of the haze , It's the bright moon in the night .

It can be seen that ye Zuxin is important in Jiang Xin's heart .

Since then, the two of them have become an enviable couple in the circle , They can be seen inseparable on many occasions .

Later, because of their work and family reasons , The two chose to break up peacefully .

But the media have a lot of speculation about their breakup , Finally, Jiang Xin came out to explain : The two just broke up peacefully , Even if you can't be a lover, you have become a kinsman .

Later, ye Zuxin has been working hard on filming ,17 At the end of the year, there was a love affair again , Paparazzi took intimate photos of him and Zhang Jianing in multiple venues , Although the two sides did not publicly identify themselves, it seemed very low-key , But two people don't get along in private , In fact, it is also to tell you that this relationship has not run away .

I don't know how to say that this circle is too small , Or is it that ye Zuxin's ex girlfriend Jiang Xin and his current girlfriend Zhang Jianing have a little fate .

Zhang Jianing's uncle is teacher zhangxiaolong , And zhangxiaolong used to be 《 Zhen Huan preach 》 As doctor Wen , In addition to having many touching opponents with meizhuang in the play , He is also the etiquette teacher of the cast , I have worked with Jiang Xin .

This is really a circle , In the end, everyone knows .

Although the relationship between the three of them seems a little dramatic , It's like filming , But there are many similar situations in real life , If you make friends in the same circle , In fact, they are more or less connected people .

Do you think so ?