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20 years of E-sports in China: from niche entertainment to emerging sports industry

2022-07-28 16:12:15yidiancaijing

1958 year ,“ The father of video games ” William · Hingibson developed video games ——《 Double Tennis 》.

From a current perspective , This game is extremely rough :

The picture is displayed in the oscilloscope , It is nothing more than a top view of a tennis court , The vertical line in the middle represents the net , The vertical lines on both sides represent rackets , Dots represent tennis . Players use the controller to hit the ball , The party who doesn't receive it will fail .

Although rough , This game was shown at Brookhaven National Laboratory , Or caused hundreds of people waiting in line to wait and see . however , Due to historical limitations , This game has not been commercialized .

A country has its talents , For hundreds of years .

Under the iteration of science and Technology , Video games have wings to take off . From the oscilloscope 《 Double Tennis 》, To the red and white machine 《 Super Mario 》, To PC Inside 《 World of warcraft 》, And then to the smart phone 《 Game for Peace 》.......

Video games in every period , Will make the adrenaline surge of game lovers at that time , Enjoy endless fun .

meanwhile , The connotation of video games , It has also changed from a simple recreational activity , It has evolved into a standardized and large-scale E-sports event .

The change of connotation continues . Recent 「2022 Global E-sports leaders summit 」 On , There is an important keyword :

Emerging sports industry .

《 A bit of Finance and Economics 》 Think , The so-called emerging , That is, compared with traditional sports events , E-sports has the unique communication advantages of Internet technology , Expand social influence on the basis of opening up the closed loop of the industry , Eventually form a huge industry .

China E-sports , It has gone against the trend for 20 years . In the future, with the iteration of Internet and Technology , E-sports will also be tapped into greater potential .

Technology , Make sports more “ fast ”

Open the history of sports , You will find that the higher the technological content of sports , The shorter the cycle time to develop into an industry .

Marathon is one of the oldest sports activities , Its origin is BC 490 The Greek Polish war in . In order to report the victory of the war as soon as possible , Ran more than 40 kilometers , Finally, I'm tired to death .

Until twothousand years later , In memory of this legendary Herald ,1896 The marathon was officially established at the first Olympic Games in , Then the marathon industrialization process began to speed up .

Compared with marathon , Car racing is a product of the industrial age , More technology .1886 year , Germany gave birth to the world's first car . At the same time , Racing events have also emerged ——1894 year , France held the first formal motor racing in history .

Of course , The later development of the racing industry was relatively slow . Until the middle of last century , With the rapid update of Automotive Technology , The racing industry has just entered the high-speed channel .

Compared with car racing , E-sports is the product of the information age . stay 1958 Year of 《 Double Tennis 》 After the birth of , As the iteration of digital technology and information carrier accelerates , All kinds of video games have sprung up .

1990 year , Nintendo held the first official video game competition in history . thereafter , The e-sports industry has entered a period of vigorous development . Almost every five years , The industry has made a big step because of technological updates .

E-sports hot wind driven by technology , It has also invaded China .

The real beginning of Chinese E-sports , It happened at the turning point of the new and old centuries .1998 year , Four years after China's full access to the Internet , The online game industry has started —— Chen Tianqiao founded Shanda network , Bao Yueqiao founded Lianzhong game ...... Many young people , I first came into contact with the new thing of online games .

meanwhile , The crazy expansion of Internet cafes has also boosted the popularity of E-sports . from 2000 Beginning of the year , The number of Internet cafes in China has increased from 4 Ten thousand families increased to 11 Thousands of families , It's nearly over 3 times . A large number of young people enter Internet cafes , Open Xintiandi excitedly in online games .

Officials have also begun to recognize E-sports as a new thing .2003 year , E-sports has become the first recognized by the General Administration of sports of China 99 A formal sport , E-sports activities are promoted to the public .

however , In the process of facing the Chinese public , E-sports encountered “ The water ” The awkward period . At that time , Many parents believe that E-sports has made their children addicted to the Internet , It affects learning , Think of it as a flood and beast .

There are complaints among the people , The former State Administration of radio, film and television 2004 In, all E-sports programs will be stopped , E-sports activities are “ relegate to limbo ”. until 2008 year , The General Administration of sport of the people's Republic of China revised the e-sports rating to No 78 A formal sports competition , The industry has seen light again .

Due to the strong supervision of the policy and the prejudice of some people , For quite a long time , E-sports cannot go to a broader world . This also makes some people subconsciously think , E-sports is a minority cultural and entertainment activity , Can't play football 、 Sports activities in such a huge industry as basketball are in the same breath .

The world is always evolving quietly , Prejudice will only make some people unable to see the changes of the times .

Now , E-sports has become a popular sports event and industry . In especial , With Hangzhou 2022 The Asian Games will have eight major projects ——《 Hero alliance 》、《 Glory of Kings ( Asian Games Edition )》、《 Game for Peace ( Asian Games Edition )》、《 BFS legend 》、《Dota2》、《 Dream of Three Kingdoms 2》、《 Street Fighter 5》 and 《FIFA Online 4》 Included in E-sports events , E-sports as a new sports industry , It has been recognized by mainstream society and organizations .

Judge whether a sport has become an industry , It can be downloaded from revenue 、 Crowd coverage 、 Attention and recognition Wait for the basic data to judge .

2022 year , The revenue scale of global E-sports events will reach 13.84 Billion dollars , There will be 8.37 Billion dollars of revenue comes from sponsorship , Accounting for the revenue of the whole E-sports event 60%.

Focus on the Chinese market , It contributes about one third of the revenue of the global E-sports market , It is the world's largest E-sports market , The core position of toto .

On the crowd , according to Newzoo The latest data ,2022 The audience of Asian E-sports will increase to 3.01 Billion , The annual growth rate is 8.0%, To 2025 It will grow to 3.63 Billion .

In the growing Asian e-sports industry , The attention score of China's e-sports industry 90.5, Ranking first in Asian countries .

《 A bit of Finance and Economics 》 Think , Next, the growth momentum of China's e-sports industry will continue . because , More and more people have dispelled their prejudice against it .

With E-sports joining the official competition of the Hangzhou Asian Games , The public's impression of it has greatly changed . According to the research , about 20% Internet users are “ E-sports into Asia ” after , Follow it “ Disagree with ” Turn into “ Identification ”. Nearly 70% of netizens agree , E-sports is a sport .

The future is bright , The road is winding .

Lengthen the timeline and stand at the height of the times , The e-sports industry is developing rapidly , Great prospect . But bend over and look back over the past 20 years , The road to find the engine of development is tortuous .

“ fast ” The twists and turns behind it

The 20-year development of China's e-sports industry , Can be divided into from PC The evolutionary process from Internet to mobile Internet .

meanwhile , This is also a tortuous process of eliminating prejudice and expanding social influence .

Many people equate E-sports with online games , In fact, there are misunderstandings .

From an industrial perspective , The e-sports industry can be divided into “ Upstream and downstream ” Three links :

The upstream ( Manufacturers and distributors of game products )、 In the middle ( The event organizer 、 Club, etc )、 The downstream ( Communication platform ).

in other words , The e-sports industry is of a media nature , It's not just a simple competition in online games . therefore , The logic of its industrial development is :

In every industry segment , Expand social influence through communication . Then commercialize and realize the influence , Finally, promote industrial development .

The whole industry development , That is, the process of realizing social influence .

PC Time , All links of China's e-sports industry , Slightly insufficient in communication influence , The industry is in a reversal .

For example, upstream ,PC Most of the game products in the era are based on computers . But then , The popularity of computers is not high , Many people go to Internet cafes less often , The scale of netizens is far less than that in the current mobile Internet era .

We can see from the changes in the size of Chinese netizens , even PC The peak number of Internet users in the era , It is also far lower than the era of mobile Internet .

The core of industry is people . Limitations of surfing the Internet , Make it difficult for game manufacturers to obtain users with products to the greatest extent , Many users cannot understand E-sports more comprehensively , The industry is not developing rapidly .

In the event organization of the midstream , stay PC The era has not expanded a stronger social influence .

at that time , The outside world has little support for E-sports . Many professional clubs cannot get sponsorship , Often in a semi dissolved state , The competition is unstable , The treatment given to E-sports players is also very low .

Take Li Xiaofeng for example , He was in 2005 Became the first to obtain WCG Champion Chinese . And in the first year , He got Beijing HUNTER Invitation of E-sports Club , The monthly salary is 1000 yuan . The National Bureau of statistics shows that ,2004 The average annual salary of urban workers in is 16024 element , At that time, the treatment of E-sports players did not reach the average level .

Not standardized event organization 、 Bad growth environment and promotion system 、 Visible economic pressure , Let many young people who want to participate in E-sports step back , From the virtual network world back to the real world .

In the downstream broadcast stage ,PC The social influence of the times is not enough .

at that time , E-sports broadcasting is more carried by TV and computer , Mainly official media . Unlike the current era of we media , Everyone can watch the progress of the event in real time through mobile phones .

Insufficient publicity channels , Make the social impact of E-sports Limited , Unable to cover more audiences , It will not attract more sponsors , Thus accelerating commercialization .

The dissemination of the three industrial links is not enough , Insufficient social influence , Let the industrialization progress of E-sports be relatively slow .

Iteration of Technology , It can always make the industry undergo earth shaking changes .

With 2011 In, the Internet entered the first year of mobile Internet , E-sports industry takes advantage of the east wind of communication , Accelerate the expansion of social influence , Enter the industrialization stage of rapid growth .

Because of the popularity of smart phones , It has greatly reduced the threshold for ordinary people to access the Internet , Chinese netizens have grown rapidly to more than 10 Billion , Bow heads can be seen everywhere .

On the upstream end of E-sports , Game manufacturers are also accelerating the creation of mobile game products , With entertainment 、 Refinement and low threshold characteristics , Expanded the number of E-sports participants .

for example , Tencent is in 2015 Mobile games released in 《 Glory of Kings 》, Once launched, it will spread all over the network . Its daily life is as early as 2020 More than... Years 1 Billion , Even more than 2004 The number of Chinese netizens in .

《2022 Research Report on China's e-sports industry in 》 Show , Mobile E-sports games have become the core pillar of the e-sports market , The market share is 52.8%.

As the number of mobile E-sports participants increases , The organization of midstream events is also receiving increasing attention . Typical examples are the entry of Wang Sicong and the establishment of Tencent E-sports .

2011 year , Wang Sicong acquired the company that was about to be dissolved CCM team , To form a IG E-sports Club , Officially announced to enter the field of E-sports .

A few years later ,IG On the one hand, E-sports clubs have greatly changed the treatment and growth environment of practitioners in the e-sports industry , On the other hand, it also drives a large number of capital into the industry , The whole industry has taken a big step forward .

2016 year , Tencent E-sports was established , Become the fourth independent business unit of Tencent mutual entertainment , Parallel with Tencent games .

As the industry changes , Tencent E-sports' role in it is also changing .

In the past , In the development of e-sports industry , Tencent E-sports plays a more important role in the industry . Now , Based on the positioning of E-sports as a new sports industry , Tencent E-sports has changed from an industry promoter to an industry connector , It will become a good partner for the development of all parties 、 A good companion 、 Good help , Help the healthy development of the industry from the foundation construction .

This role shift , It is the strategic adjustment of Tencent based on its own development , It also shows its in-depth thinking about the changes in the industry and the sense of responsibility of the enabling industry .

With the empowerment of important roles in Tencent E-sports and other industries , E-sports event organizations and clubs have become more standardized , It can reassure the participating E-sports players , At the same time, it can also improve their ability and quality , And make the event more beautiful .

At the downstream transmission end , As the number of mobile terminals increases , The publicity channels of E-sports events are richer , Be able to capture more potential users .

Issued by the game Working Committee of China Audio Digital Association 《2021 China's Game Industry Report 》 Show , Last year, the number of users of E-sports games in China reached 4.89 Hundreds of millions of people , Year-on-year growth 0.27%.

More users , It can attract more sponsors and open more commercial space , Further accelerated the industrialization of E-sports .

《2021 China's Game Industry Report 》 Show ,2021 The actual sales revenue of China's e-sports game market in 1401.81 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year growth 2.65%

China E-sports can achieve today's results , The mobile Internet is indispensable . It makes the social influence of E-sports continue to improve , Industrialization is accelerating .

Let E-sports again “ fly ” For a while

The past 20 years , It is China E-sports that breaks stereotypes , From niche entertainment to the evolutionary history of emerging sports industry .

Mobile Internet is one of the important technological driving forces .

Stand at a new starting point and look back , The industrial form of E-sports will continue to evolve with the iteration of science and Technology , At least in Economy and culture Both work .

What is the most potential technology in the future ? A lot of people know that , Yes AI、AR/VR、 Brain computer interface, etc . These technologies can create new scenes in the e-sports industry , So as to further expand the industrial scale .

In the upstream game products ,AI It can make the production of game products more high-quality and efficient .

At present, the landing of a mobile game , Need to go through early user research and post production , It often takes months or even longer . and AI It can quickly analyze the preferences of game users , At the same time, it is more sophisticated and efficient in game production , Thus attracting more users , At the same time, reduce the cost of game manufacturers .

In the event organization of the midstream ,AR/VR Will create more game operation experience . such as , Let the electric campaigner be like a movie 《 No. 1 player 》 As described in , Really enter the virtual world for game competition , This will undoubtedly greatly improve the player's operating experience , At the same time, it can also break through the current restrictions of some event organizations , Realize the scale of the event .

On the downstream broadcast ,AR\VR It will create more forms of event communication . such as , The audience can not watch outside the screen , But enter the game scene through virtual devices , Become a real spectator , The viewing experience is undoubtedly improved again .

The development of science and technology , It can enable the e-sports industry to continue to expand its influence in society , Achieve another breakthrough in the industry .

meanwhile , The e-sports industry can also jump out of the core field of online games , Create your own value in other economic and cultural fields .

before , E-sports has helped the common growth of many industries , For example, E-sports hotels have driven the development of the hotel industry .

future , With the iteration of e-sports industry form , It will also drive the development of other industries . such as , Improve virtual digital goods NFT Sales 、 promote AR\VR And other related hardware equipment growth, etc .

Economic assistance is hard power , Cultural exchange is soft power .

E-sports as a new sports activity , Like other traditional sports activities , It can build national centripetal force 、 Condense the national cultural spirit .

This year, 5 month , Held in Busan, South Korea 2022 League of heroes mid season championship (MSI) In the final , China's RNG The team defeated South Korea T1 team , Win the third MSI champion .

The news came out , The Internet is boiling . The national pride and cohesion of young people , At this moment, it reached its peak again .

in addition , E-sports can also hold competitions , Create a new platform for Cultural Exchange . One side , You can tell Chinese stories well , On the other hand, it can further expand the social influence of the industry , So as to promote industrial growth .

Can give full play to hard power in economy , Grasp soft power culturally , Such an industry will maintain strong growth momentum and broad development potential . China's e-sports industry , These two characteristics have been revealed .

From niche entertainment to the huge emerging sports industry , China E-sports has gone through a tortuous 20 years .

Its history , It also sends a message to the outside world : When an industry is newly born , Don't look at it immediately with colored glasses , It takes time to precipitate and observe its essence . meanwhile , It also depends on whether it can seize the dividends of the times such as science and Technology , Truly realize the industrialization of steady development .

Let the bullet really fly for a while .

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