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Lingyao 142022 led by Yingqing glaze: office and entertainment are the same, you can start with these three thin books

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Came to 7 End of month , There are many more PC The brand has offered sincere preferential benefits to attract consumers “ Chop the hand ”, If you have a plan to buy a notebook now , Take a look at the following three lightweight products .

Lingyao 14 2022 Shadow green glaze

Nowadays, more and more users are used to using high-performance notebooks instead of desktops for daily office , This can meet the daily office needs , It can also meet the needs of multi location Office . Under the above harsh conditions , ASUS lingyao 14 2022 Shadow green glaze is a good choice , ASUS lingyao 14 2022 Shadow green glaze carries 12 Generation core and rare at the same price 2.8K 90Hz OLED screen , Make you more leisurely in the workplace .


This time, 12 Generation core has made a great leap in performance , Based on the new Intel 7nm manufacturing process , This design breakthrough brings together two professional cores , The performance kernel ( namely “P nucleus ”) Maximize single threaded performance and response speed , And energy efficiency core ( namely “E nucleus ”) It provides scalable multithreading performance and efficient background task unloading for modern multitasking .

Lingyao 14 2022 Shadow green glaze is the highest equipped i7-1260P processor , Thanks to the 12 Blessing of generation core hybrid architecture , It has amazing 12 The core 16 Threads , The fundamental frequency is 2.1GHz, Ruipinda 4.7GHz, Three level cache 18MB,30W Performance release , Far exceed U Series low voltage processors , yes P28 Quasi standard pressure processor .

Besides , Lingyao 14 2022 Shadow green glaze and i5-1240P Optional , Specifications ,i5-1240P It also has amazing 12 nucleus 16 Threads , namely 4 Big nucleus + 8 Micronucleus ,12MB Three level cache ,3.3-4.4GHz, Equipped with 80EU 1.3GHz The nucleus of .

Screen aspect , Lingyao 14 2022 Shadow green glaze is equipped with  14 Inch 2.8K 16:10 screen , have 1000000:1 Contrast and 0.2 Millisecond pixel response time ,90 Hz The refresh rate , Have 600 Nit brightness and 100% DCI-P3 Color gamut .

There's a camera and a stereo microphone at the top of the screen , Camera support 3DNR Video noise reduction , Microphone support AI Noise reduction .


In terms of design , Lingyao 14 2022 Yingqing glaze abandoned the original concentric circle design , Change to a more modern geometric line design . The shaft is still of sinking design , More comfortable angle when typing .

In terms of color matching , ASUS lingyao 14 2022 The appearance design of Yingqing glaze is rarely combined with intangible cultural heritage , Trying to restore the high representative of Song Dynasty porcelain with modern technology — Shadow green glaze color matching . Its glaze color is between blue and white , Blue with white 、 Shining green in white , In addition, the porcelain body is extremely thin , The carved patterns can be seen inside and outside the light , So it's called “ Shadow green ”.


A The surface is a very design sense of oblique cut texture design , Irregular bright lines dot A On the surface , Let the fuselage look like exquisite handicrafts .

Lingyao 14 2022 Yingqing glaze adopts an all metal body , The feel is exquisite and not loose , There is a sense of quality when touching . Matte body metal and bright shaft metal complement each other . The fuselage is surrounded by 313 x 220 x 15.9mm, Although it is a metal body , But the weight is only 1.39Kg, This control is very good .


Besides , Lingyao 14 2022 There is a white dot in the upper left corner and the upper right corner of the touch panel under the shadow green glaze , As long as you press and hold the right side, you can call out a set of virtual keypads , The button on the left can quickly call up the calculator .

Lingyao 14 2022 The whole machine of shadow green glaze has 2 A full speed lightning 4 Interface (40Gbps Support PD Fast charging and DP Output )、1 individual USB-A 3.2 Gen2 Interface 、1 individual TF Card reader 、1 individual 3.5mm Headphone jack and 1 individual HDMI 2.0b Interface , It is qualified for light and thin books .

at present , ASUS lingyao 14 2022 Yingqing glaze is killing seconds , among i5 For a 5799 element , Interested partners might as well pay attention to .

JD.COM ASUS lingyao 14 2022 Intel 12 Generation core EVO 2.8K OLED Ultra thin business office laptop (i5-1240P 16G 512G DCI-P3) Shadow green glaze 5788 element Direct link

lenovo YOGA 14s

As a notebook brand with excellent quality under Lenovo ,YOGA Since its birth, it has been recognized and trusted by young people in the workplace .


YOGA 14s Core version of the body through sandblasting 、CNC etc. 16 A complex process refines the shape , Create a classic matte texture , Light to 1.41kg、 Thin to 14.6mm, Equipped with a 1.3mm Key path 、 Smile key cap design 、 Comfortable keyboard with three gear white backlight adjustment , Compared with the previous generation, the area of large-size glass touch panel has been improved 36%.

In terms of core configuration ,YOGA 14s Carrying the first 11 Generation intel core high performance processor , Provides 4 The core 8 Thread i5-11300H edition ,TDP Up to the 35W, And equipped with MX450 High performance independent graphics card , Professional work content 、 Daily audio-visual entertainment is no problem . Press down Fn+Q It can also switch performance modes , Support beast mode 、 Energy saving mode 、 Smart mode .


Screen aspect ,YOGA 14s The core version is equipped with a 2.8K high resolution 16:10 Scale screen , Support 90Hz High refresh rate 、100% sRGB High color gamut , It also supports Dolby horizon and Dolby panoramic sound , And passed the Rhine low blue light certification .

In terms of experience ,YOGA 14s The core version also has a built-in Xuanyuan AI Smart chip , With the new generation IR camera + ToF Combination of sensors , Face recognition is more accurate 、 Fast , And support “ Human walking automatic lock screen ”.


In terms of interface expansion , There are two lightning four ports on the left side of the fuselage 、 USB-A Interface 、 The headset 、 Microphone two in one interface etc. .

YOGA 14s The core version has a built-in 61Whr Large capacity battery , Support fast charging , In the off state, only 1 Charge to... In hours 80%.

JD.COM Lenovo laptop YOGA 14s Core Edition Intel core i5 14 Inch full screen business office book ( Standard pressure i5 16G 512G MX450 2.8K Eye shield )5169 element Direct link

Huawei MateBook 14s

Huawei MateBook 14s It inherits the aesthetic design, innovation and wisdom genes of Huawei notebook , It is also the first time to carry Huawei mobile application engine , In the PC Use your mobile phone on App.


In the performance section , Huawei MateBook 14s Equipped with the 11th generation core standard pressure processor and sharp torch Xe  The graphics card , Include i5-11300H,11 Generation core zhongruiju Xe  Introduction of graphics card , The performance of centralized display is better than that of the previous generation 261%, It's comparable to Duxian MX350.


Besides , Huawei MateBook 14s The highest support 512GB NVMe PCIe SSD, Newly upgraded shark fin cooling system , Let the performance cool down , Enjoy the peace of mind to create . Use Fn+P One key open 40W TDP High energy mode , Let your office 、 The entertainment experience is not only refreshing , And lasting .

Huawei MateBook 14s It also carries Huawei's iconic 2.5K High brush touch screen , Distinctive 3:2 Proportional productivity screen , Very suitable office Office software 、 Web browsing 、 Photo browsing and other scenes . And support 90 Hz High refresh rate 、2.5K high resolution 、100% sRGB Wide color gamut 、10.7 100 million colors show 、 Precise ten point touch, etc .


Huawei MateBook 14s It brings Huawei mobile application engine , Users can download their favorite mobile phones through Huawei application market App, While producing and creating on the same computer , You can also turn on the short video on your mobile phone 、 Check the information 、 Easy life like mobile games .

Huawei MateBook 14s It also has the ability of multi screen coordination , It can not only cooperate with smart phones , It also supports Huawei MatePad Flat panel equipment , For example, Huawei MateBook 14s And Huawei MatePad  After Hongmeng tablet matching , Tablet can also be used as Huawei MateBook 14s Mirror screen 、 Expansion screen and sharing screen , Two products, two screens “ inosculate as a whole ”.

JD.COM Huawei laptop MateBook 14s 2021 Core standard voltage i5-11300H 16G 512G Sharp torch graphics card / 14.2 Inch full touch screen / High performance and light weight ash 6169 element Direct link

Summary :

The above three products are all star products in the light and thin market , Especially ASUS lingyao 14 2022 Shadow green glaze , Elegance 、 National style design language , A rare high score in the same gear 、 High brush OLED screen , And excellent and lasting performance release , It further satisfies the design users who have a higher pursuit of productivity equipment 、 White collar workers in the workplace 、 Professionals, etc . If you have a plan to buy a machine , Take a look at these products , I believe it will bring you a different experience .

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