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Starfish OS creates an entertainment metauniverse business ecosystem

2022-07-28 09:55:36QiJublockchain

Metauniverse became one of the hottest concept plates last year , And the overall performance of the track is brilliant . In the past year , Leading sector of virtual world  Decentraland The number of users has increased 3300%, And achieved 120 The peak market value of $billion ( This concept plate is further divided this year , Also led to MANA It's coming down ), also Decentraland、The SandBOX The average land price of once exceeded the average land price of some first tier cities . From the perspective of encrypted assets , With AXS、MANA、SAND And so on, represented by the concept of metauniverse, the sharp rise of encrypted assets , Further triggered investors' interest in the yuan universe sector FOMO mood .


Besides , With FaceBook、 samsung 、 Microsoft 、 Ying Wei Da 、Epic、 Adidas 、 Traditional business giants represented by Nike , To develop the metacosmic system 、 Mergers and acquisitions 、 issue NFT And the construction of the meta universe exhibition hall , Enter the metauniverse one after another , It is also becoming a powerful push for traditional fields to pay attention to the meta universe .

Although with Decentraland、The SandBOX、Cryptovoxels And so on “ Virtual space ”, Constructed the early outline of the metacosmic world , But with more and more developers pouring into this track , The metauniverse is also constantly iterating 、 Evolution . meanwhile , More and more Web3 Encryption project , Also began to take the meta universe as a new narrative direction .

From the perspective of the metauniverse itself , It is originally a sustainable online 、 The constantly refreshed real-time digital world , And allow each user to produce and edit content . It means , Yuan universe is a platform “ forever ” A car that keeps running . Of the physical world “ Meta universe ” turn , It means infinite abundance of production factors 、 Infinite productivity , And the social production efficiency of human cooperation has been greatly improved , Similarly, human online user capacity will expand to the limit , Therefore, the meta universe is of great significance to the development of our future human civilization .


So we think , Metauniverse is expected to change our way of life in the future , And is expected to become a commercial carrier in the future .Starfish Os It aims to build a Web3 Metauniverse business ecosystem , And take the entertainment industry as the main business form , To contribute to the development of the meta universe .

Starfish Os: Build an entertainment metauniverse business system

Yuancosmos is a blue ocean market , It's also Web3 A new narrative direction ,Starfish OS In the early stage of ecology, we took the meta universe as a foothold , And take this as a vision to continuously promote the construction of ecology .

Starfish OS Created a meta universe dominated by starfish , By building a starfish style institutional consensus cooperation system , It is a platform for the community to interact with investors and the media , Anyone can enjoy Web3 Equity , And become Starfish OS The original resident of yuancosmic ecology , At the same time, get a very high-quality and profitable entertainment experience .

Starfish OS Built a lightweight Nursery GameFi, And open to anyone , It allows users to feed Starfish To carry out P2E(Play to Earn). such as Starfish OS Launched a task release system , Users get... By collecting and completing tasks M2E (Mission to Earn). Users are participating in Starfish OS The construction of the yuan universe 、 In the process of contribution , Will further benefit .

stay Starfish OS In the metauniverse , All aborigines can hatch and train their pets called starfish , Enter as it Starfish OS Early equity signs . at present StarFish OS Ecological support feeding SFO Let your starfish grow , And use SFO Purchase starfish related empowerment NFT, Create various scenes suitable for the survival of starfish , For example, building starfish space 、 Host starfish NFT Artist Exhibition , Players can Starfish OS Make friends and play , Even let the starfish lie in the sun , This will be StarFish OS The entry point of the early metauniverse .

stay Starfish OS The meta universe , The original residents can enjoy the fair experience and rights brought by decentralization , At the same time, they can also freely exert their creativity and imagination , Building Starfish OS Ecological he can also be based on Starfish OS Business infrastructure to build their own business ecosystem ,Starfish OS It will also enable everyone to play their own value , And become Web3 Builder Building the foundation .

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