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How to have fun in Ulan Butong grassland

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《 Grassland love theory 》 tourist ticket

Ulan Butong Mongolian Cultural Park 《 Grassland love theory 》 Tourist package :
1   Dismount wine , Toast , Sing to hada .
2   Riding is about 30 minute .
3   Mongolian ejisa milk blessing , Walk on the grass beach , Le Che style , Herd sheep .
4   Grassland riders are drunk and riding wild .
5   Le Le Che prairie style love song no ( Interact with guests ).
6   Mongolian siege chariot , Clothing photography .
7   Mongolian nomadic tribes visit , Mongolian Sihu 、 Matouqin Mongolian Sanxian 、 Miscellaneous drama songs have no interpretation . milk the cow 、 Roll out felt 、 Visit folk custom projects such as knitting .
8   Genghis Khan chariot visited and took photos , Mongolian nomadic tribes taste grassland mutton soup 、 Mongolian fruit .
9   Archery ( There are gifts for hitting the bull's-eye ), Mongolian wrestling performance \\\' Interact with guests .
10  Children's Playground , Grassland animals ( Cattle, horses, sheep, camels, yaks ) Taking pictures , Children nursing lambs . Children ride in a sheep cart .
11  Andai dance interacts with guests .
12  Ride the grassland rickshaw ( Sightseeing bus ) return .
13  The finale ,《 Grassland love theory 》 Large scale wedding equestrian live performance .  
Show morning 11.30—12.30, Afternoon 5.00——6.00
show 1 Hours , The entire 3 Hours . 
1.2 Adult ticket above meters , The following half price , baby   Free of charge .
     Entertainment package location : Ulan Butong Yuanbaoshan village

Mongolian Cultural Park featured carriage grassland deep tour

A brief introduction to the deep tour project of wulanbutong Mongolian Cultural Park featured carriage grassland :
Project time : Half a day in the afternoon ( about 4 Hours ). In the morning 7-8 Starting at o'clock, the racecourse starts at the West back of Yuanbaoshan ridge , Afternoon 1-2 Point to the West back of Yuanbaoshan Liang or shuiquanliang 304 Start at the intersection .

Line and project settings :

1   The racecourse starts . Grassland scenery all the way .
2   Mushroom field paozi , Take photos of the scenery of lakes, mountains and grasslands .
3   West mushroom farm , The blue sky and white clouds , Take photos of sheep .
4   Huangyang Bay baihuapo prairie , Mongolian yurts , Strangler , Grassland style , Take photos of the grassland flower sea .
5   Shuiquanliang Dasha is passionate about playing sand . Take photos of birch forest .
6   Grassland in the air , Facing the grassland , Let go of passion .
7   Visit the Wonderland , Grassland spring , There is a magical mineral water rich in various mineral elements on the ridge , Taste the mountain spring , Feel amazing .
8   Water spring beam 304 End the journey at the intersection , Travel agencies pick up tourists by bus .
hot tip : The carriage is a four wheeled carriage , Shock absorption with bow , The ride is very comfortable . There is a rain curtain on rainy days . Full insurance , Safe and reliable . Take each car 14 Tourists , The tour guide must follow the Group .
       The company's carriage reception capacity is 1400 people , Limited number , The guide made a reservation one day in advance .
       The package ticket of carriage deep tour can be matched 《 Grassland love theory 》 Ethnic style package tickets are bound together .

How to play grassland self drive tour

There is no fixed route , Don't deliberately look for a certain route . The best route is to drive aimlessly at will  . You decide when you go to the grassland , You can play whatever you want      Those who like off-road can send private messages , Take you ulanbu series across Dali Lake .

About the accommodation     Old headmaster farmhouse      from 2015 year 4 A room to 2019 A two-story building 36 A room , It is the accumulation of public praise and popularity , Step by step, down to earth , The strong support of brothers from all corners of the world !!!  Ctrip search     Old headmaster farmhouse    

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