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Encrypted Games: a new wave of entertainment

2022-07-27 14:05:31Metafeng Yuanfeng

Web3.0 And blockchain are the two most disruptive technologies in our era . although web3.0 Still in its early stages , But blockchain has had a significant impact on the way we play games .

for example , image Crypto Kitties Such encrypted games allow players to earn real-world money by playing games . Besides , image Decentraland In this way web3.0 Games are also beginning to appear , This will enable players to own and trade virtual properties on the blockchain . These trends are just the beginning , With web3.0 And the continuous development of blockchain Technology , They will profoundly affect the way we play games .

With web3.0 And the rise of blockchain Technology , The video game industry is on the verge of major changes . especially , The way we interact with games is about to change significantly . for example ,web3.0 And blockchain will be based on “PlayToEarn Play and earn ” The concept of new game development becomes possible . In these games , Players will be able to earn money by playing games . This may have a significant impact on the game industry , Because it will create a new economy in the game . Besides ,web3.0 And blockchain will also allow the development of non homogenous tokens (NFT). These tokens can represent digital assets in the game , For example, characters 、 goods , Even the money in the game .NFT It may significantly affect how we view ownership and value in the game .

Metauniverse is a blockchain based 3D virtual world . In the metauniverse ,web3.0 The game on is called “ Play and earn ” game .NFT Tokens represent in-game items , You can trade on decentralized exchanges . Players can also use web3.0 Wallets to store their NFT.NFT Tokens are scarce and have real value . Make money by playing games , Players can add them NFT The value of .

The metauniverse is a new 、 Exciting way to play games and earn income .web3.0 Provide ecosystem for blockchain game industry —— The future of the game .

All in Web3.0 Chain Tour /Dapp/NFT/ Digital collection SaaS E-commerce system development .

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