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"Rise of Monster Hunter" Twilight shooting bow entertainment accessories sharing

2022-07-27 13:11:40Wandering star introduction

《 Monster hunters rise 》 Many players do not pursue the ultimate output , Pay more attention to the entertainment of hunting , For players who want to try entertainment accessories, please see the following “ Silent Scarecrow ” It brings 《 Monster hunters rise 》 Dawn shooting bow entertainment accessories sharing , I hope I can help you

Assembly options

I always wanted to match the dance of foam with zhuanfu when I was in the noumenon , Looking at the top of my head full buff I feel extremely aggressive . Due to the limitation of hole position, it has not been realized , Finally, the dawn ushered in the possibility , Next, we will introduce the specific assembly

Friendly head , Bubble fox chest , Haijingshou , Tomorrow fragrant waist , Celebrity feet

I use foam for stone protection 2 Return distance 2S2, You can also replace it equivalently according to your own protective stone

Talk about skills , With this kit, you can have

Bodily skill 2, The dance of foam 3, Return distance 2, A blessing in disguise 3, Dragon mania 1, take escape from death 3, Continuous shooting 3, Attribute attack enhancement 5, The bow accumulates force 1, Weak special 3, Supercenter 1, Industry armor 1, Subdue the devil 1, resentment 1

Need to match with strong bow beads , Strong marble *3, Attribute beads 3, Attribute beads 1*2, Smash the bead *3, A dead end bead *2, Super heart beads

In terms of skills , There are mainly the following interesting places

1. About body art

The dance of foam 3 After triggering ( Gliding step 3-4 Next trigger , Keep going 30 second ) Equivalent to body 2 Reversibility 2 The effect of , Add your own body 2 Is the body 4, If you eat cat food, rounding is equal to body 5 Full body surgery

2. About knowing

Weak special 3 with 50 Understanding , Dragon 1 After overcoming 20 Understanding ( about 60 second ), If you bring battle cat roar, you can add 30 Understanding , Rounding is equal to knowing , Take super heart 1 Slightly increase the damage

3. Abnormal state stage

This stage mainly depends on narrowly escaping death to increase output , By the dance of foam and the Dragon 1 To trigger . Level 3 survival from death can increase 20 Point attack power , At the same time in the Dragon 1 Unconquered situations can be obtained 10 Point attack power , Add up 30 Point attack power rounding is equal to attack 7 Full attack

4. Transition stage

At this stage, we mainly rely on the blessing in disguise to increase output , It is also triggered by foam dance and dragon . In the dance of foam 30 Seconds later and after overcoming the dragon, get the blessing in disguise effect . Turn blessing 3 Can increase 18 Point attack ( Equivalent to attack 4) and 4 Point attribute value ( Equivalent to two more attribute beads ), At the same time, abnormal state accumulation becomes 1.15 times . At this stage, continuous bow is mostly attribute bow , So the attribute value bonus is still considerable , meanwhile 1.15 Abnormal accumulation improves the efficiency for cats and dogs to sleep or just shoot out , As long as it can trigger paralysis or Qi extinction, rounding is equal to attacking extra large

5. Dragon , Subdue the devil , The linkage of resentment

Before the Dragon overcomes , The effect of subduing demons starts , Red book plus attributes and exceptions , Blue book plus attack and vertigo , I don't know how many attacks to add , But in the blue book state, it is easy to spit out the monster if you just shoot out and cooperate with zhuanfu , During this period, the red blood launched resentment 1 Can provide 5 Point attack ( Equivalent to attack 1.5)

After the Dragon overcome , It's not just the red blood of the Dragon , The red blood of subduing the devil can also be restored together , It's true, it's refreshing

6. Subdue the devil , Linkage of industry armor

In the Red Book State , Subdue demons plus attributes and exceptions , Karika attack

Blue book , Voldemort plus attack and vertigo , Karmic armor plus attribute

I don't know or measure the specific value added , But this combination is quite comprehensive , Let you have a good Bonus no matter in red book or blue book , At the same time, the demon subduing effect can regenerate blood , It is better to match with cat rice

Finally, let's talk about the problem of this set of assembly

The biggest problem is indeed survival , It belongs to Schrodinger's cat car

In the red blood state before the wild dragon overcomes, he is particularly afraid of bruising , That way, the dragon can't make up for it . If red blood is more seriously attacked, it may be directly seen by the cat car , With the 2 The main idea of level return distance is to rely on arrow chop to hide , bubble 3 With the return 2 And overcome the resilience before the Dragon 1 Total return distance 2 Reversibility 3 Provide living space to a certain extent

There is also the problem of cutting books , Red Book decreases in armor state 50 Defense makes the already crisp bow and arrow more delicate , So blue book status is recommended ( Attribute reduction 10) Deal with strange things , Fall to the ground or big hard straight cut book return blood, and trigger the industry armor red book plus attack by the way .

This set of equipment does not count the hole position and understanding of weapons

So in theory, skills can be more comprehensive

Weapon recommendation

Here are some common attributes of continuous fire bow

water Bubble fox 15 Understanding S1 Hundred dragons S2 The compasses

dragon celebrities -20 Understanding ( Just pull your crotch ) No hole Hundred dragons S3 In actual combat, you can use the useless curveshot to fill your understanding , The panel is very good

ice Ice wolf 0 Understanding S11 Hundred dragons S2 Two primary holes don't know what they can do

fire Pretty jaw -20 Understanding ( You also pull your crotch ) S21 Hundred dragons S2 Although the knowing heart is low, the panel is high , The second level hole can attack and see through the super heart return distance and sexual resentment, and fill in whatever you want

Thunder Flying thunder 15 Understanding No hole Hundred dragons S1 The main reason is that the thunder attribute is really no good bow and arrow , The continuous shooting level is low, not to mention the panel

Thunder Electric Dragon 30 Understanding S1 Hundred dragons S2 Is this guy a tandem bow , The main thing is that the last shot is a burst , however 2-3 Level penetration is true damage , Although the understanding is very good , The panel is also ok

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