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Shanghai Shanghai Chongming Changxing Island one-day tour, you want entertainment here

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Where to go in summer , Changxing Island is your best choice , Changxing Island is the nearest island to Shanghai , The shape of the whole island is long and narrow , Suitable for taking photos and clocking in , The photos taken are very artistic , Very out of film . Here it is 《 Sorrow flows back into a river 》 The setting of . Looking at the blue sky and white clouds , Breathing the fresh air , Stroll in a leisurely environment , You can feel the tranquility and ease away from the hustle and bustle of the city , It is very suitable for traveling and relaxing , Drive away all worries and pressures .

Walk along the riverbank here , There are wind turbines and sequoia trees all the way , In the distance is the sea crossing bridge , Here you can blow the fresh sea breeze under the murmur of the waves , Look at the twilight of the sunrise , The red glow of sunset . There are T-shaped dams on Changxing Island , Large areas of reed marshes , The dam has stairs to go down , You can catch small crabs , People who like shooting can also use reed marshes to shoot large films .

There are also various recreational activities , A real person restored to the real scene CS, Exciting battlefield waiting for you ; The pastoral archery coach will teach you hand in hand , The posture must be handsome , Let you experience the charm of archery ; An off-road ATV with speed and passion , Experience different thrilling heartbeat moments ; Ride around the island to enjoy the wind and freedom , Enjoy the charm of riding ...... There are more activities waiting for you to experience .

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