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20 years of "life and death" friendship only brought musk another entertainment headline

2022-07-26 10:37:55Chinese industry information station

 Of course , For musk , But it's another ordinary day

Of course , For musk , But it's another ordinary day

writing / Du Chen

source : Silicon Star People

Reports said , In order to get brin's forgiveness , Musk even knelt down to him on one knee at a party , I hope their friendship can be restored . however , Although brin verbally accepted the apology , But they no longer chat as often as before , Even brin was angry , Start letting your financial advisor sell all musk related investments , Including many early investments in Tesla and other companies ……

 Screenshot of the source :《 Wall Street journal 》

Screenshot of the source :《 Wall Street journal 》

Of course , Musk is already Twitter Denied this relationship , He also posted a picture of two people in the same frame , It was claimed that it was just taken a few hours ago :

 picture source :@elonmusk

picture source :@elonmusk

It looks like , Indeed, there is no disagreement between the two people . One netizen said ,“ I didn't know that the world's richest man and the world's eighth richest man have such a good relationship .”

Silicon star man takes you to review their past , Look who says rich people don't have true friendship ? Just don't know , Will this friendship be ruined by a piece of gossip .

| Many times to save musk in water and fire

The strong friendship between musk and the legendary founders of Google , It was once a good story in Silicon Valley .

Mainly because everyone is a very successful entrepreneur , Soon after the establishment of the company, it was successfully listed and continued to develop rapidly .PayPal And Google were founded a few years before the Internet foam , Musk and Brin have always had a close relationship .

They often appear at the same party , Eat and drink together . Musk even revealed that he often sleeps at brin's house , Chat or play crazy all night . They also have a love for aerospace , Musk built his own Rocket Company SpaceX, And in the hangar next to Google mountain view headquarters , Brin is building a mysterious hot air balloon project .

There are many old photos , Recorded musk 、 What page and Brin looked like at parties when they were young , The relationship is really close . But musk and Brin are not just “ evil associates ”, It is “ Over life ” My friendship .

2008 Financial crisis , Tesla has encountered the biggest financial difficulties since its establishment , At that time, Brin, who was already financially free, directly paid musk out of his own pocket 50 Thousands of dollars , Help my good brother survive the disaster . For their current wealth , Although the money looks small , But at that time , But Tesla's life-saving money .

Probably 05、06 About years ago , There is another anecdote : Tesla's first electric sports car Roadster Finally, there is the first test car , Musk happily took brin and page to test drive , As a result, I don't know whether it's the motor or the battery , The speed can't be raised at all , I can only barely make a detour in the parking lot . Musk called this experience “ The worst in the world demo”.

But even so , Brin and page are still very supportive of their good brothers , After the test drive, they each signed a check , Became a shareholder of Tesla . In return , Musk later 2015 In, he personally sent the first batch of offline vehicles to brin Model X.

At the same time, there are rumors that , Musk also gave a car to brin Roadster.

As a technology maniac , Musk and Brin both had a love for Utopia . They once had a common idea , Is to build a settlement in the desert of Nevada —— Basically, the annual 、 The week-long burning man festival , Become a long-term existence , Turn this desert into an experimental gathering area , Yes “ Radical tolerance ”、“ share ”、“ Gifts, not transactions ” As the idea of the whole community . For this idea , The two of them went to visit the place where the burning man festival was held , Also with the host Will Roger Have in-depth exchanges .

Brin even used fireman's day as Google's interview room , Schmidt was invited to celebrate the burning man's day for a whole week , The latter promised to come down as Google CEO; Musk also believes that the burning man festival represents the world of science and technology in a sense , say “ If you haven't been to the burning man festival, you don't know the technology industry ”.

 Aerial photos of burning man day     picture source :Steve Juvetson( Partner of de Fengjie )/ Flickr Knowledge sharing authorization

Aerial photos of burning man day     picture source :Steve Juvetson( Partner of de Fengjie )/ Flickr Knowledge sharing authorization

Not just brin , Larry, another co-founder of Google · Page's relationship with musk is also ridiculously good .

Musk also goes to page's house to sleep every once in a while , For a few years, they simply regarded their two families as their own . Musk biographer Ashlee Vance Write in the book , Musk doesn't usually live in Silicon Valley , But I come here on business every week , Often forget to book a hotel , Just go straight to page , The latter is located in Palo Alto The mansion of .

“ He sent me an email saying ‘ Oh, I don't know where to live tonight , Can you stay overnight ?’ I almost gave him a set of keys ,” Page said that lodging is Musk's way of maintaining social relationships ,“ He is also a tramp (homeless) Well .”

You may know that big companies like Google have left some properties all over Silicon Valley , Provide temporary residence for employees who come on business . What's interesting is that , There is such a Google apartment , be located Palo Alto In a high-rise apartment building in the city center , It is specially provided for page 、 Brin two , And the venue of their trusted private meeting . Musk is one of the few people who can enter this apartment .

Three people will eat and drink here , Discuss some ideas that sound unrealistic , For example, an electric plane that can take off and land directly in a ski resort , You don't even need to land at all , Capable of flying around the earth all the time “ Global commuter planes ”.

Page said that this is how their friends entertain ,“ Some ideas we talked about together , Later, it all came true .”

Unfortunately , This life-long friendship that lasted for 20 years , It's possible because of a “ A brief affair ” And cast a shadow . How many are these “ Technology prophet ”, Things you didn't expect ……

| musk “ Avail oneself of the opportunity to get in ”?

《 Wall Street journal 》 A close friend of the couple was quoted as saying , This affair happened about last year 12 At the beginning of . Brin in 12 month 15 Day and his wife Nicole · The sand, (Nicole Shanahan) separation , This year, 1 The divorce lawsuit was formally filed in August . The report described the relationship between musk and Shanahan as “ A brief affair ”(brief affair).

As soon as the report comes out , The Internet has exploded ,Twitter Various ridicule comments are emerging in endlessly , Some netizens say ,“ I feel musk regards the global population crisis as a personal challenge ”.

After all , Recently, news about Musk's emotional life keeps coming up , It surprises people every time , And a message is better than a message “ Lower limit ”:

Not long ago , Musk was also exposed and Neuralink senior executive Shivon Zilis Gave birth to twins , It's still between him and his ex girlfriend Grimes My second child was born before he was born ;

There are also reports this year , Musk was in front of a flight attendant “ Expose yourself ”, Coerce the other party to provide sexual services for themselves , And paid for 25 A $million sealing fee ;

the other day , Musk and his ex-wife gave birth to a child who also asked to be renamed transgender , And sever the relationship with musk .

For this rumor, musk and Brin's wife Shanahan “ A brief affair ”, People familiar with the matter said , It was last year 12 It happened during the Art Basel exhibition held in Miami in August . At that time, due to the epidemic, I was at home for a long time , And raising children , Breen and his wife have had emotional problems —— Musk now “ Avail oneself of the opportunity to get in ”.

soon , Brin and his wife announced to sue for divorce . Another report also pointed out , Brin has asked his financial advisor to dispose of all musk related investments , It is mainly the stocks and equity held by several companies founded in the latter .

Brin 、 Shanahan has yet to respond . Musk on Sunday night local time 7 Click to tweet , Express 《 Wall Street journal 》 The report is pure nonsense  (total bs):

“ Sergei and I are friends , I was at the same party last night ! I've only seen Nicole twice in the past three years , And there are many others present . There is no ambiguous relationship between us .”

In another tweet reply , He even claimed that he “ It's been a long time since I had sex ”.

 Screenshot of the source :@elonmusk

Screenshot of the source :@elonmusk

Tesla layoffs 、 Acquisition Twitter Failure …… Musk has had enough news on business this year . But for this , Netizens sent a soul shaking tweet :

“ Musk has time to manage three companies , Born 10 A child , Launch an acquisition Twitter, Green brin , At the same time, keep posting shit tweets —— What reason do you have not to realize your ideal ?”

In addition, netizens joked ,“ Musk has triggered two 10 Billion dollar breakup clause ”( It refers to Shanahan's request in the divorce case 10 $100 million breakup fee , as well as Twitter The terms of termination of the acquisition are also 10 $100 million breakup fee )

Musk was right afterwards 《 New York post 》 Said that he had been with Shanahan 、 Brin and his wife said hello , The other party said that the news was not leaked by them ,

“ Their divorce has nothing to do with me …… I believe they can if they like ( Help me ) Clarified . This story should be the result of erroneous transmission (must be a case of broken telephone, 2 or 3 layers removed).”

however , Many people think like this netizen said :

“ Musk said he had no affair with brin's wife , And he and Brin are still good friends . If these two things are true , Brin should make a public statement . But if he doesn't send , You will know everything you need to know .”

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