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Glory tablet 8 evaluation: 12 inch HD eye care comprehensive screen plus a good helper for learning and entertainment

2022-07-22 11:19:04TechWeb

【TechWeb evaluating 】 Affected by the environment , The tablet device, which was originally paid less attention, has been glowing with the rise of online classes , And ushered in blowout growth . However, the traditional tablet has also exposed many problems after long-term use , For example, it is easy to produce visual fatigue 、 Poor sound quality experience and so on . And the glory tablet just launched 8 It solves some pain points of traditional tablet well , It aims to create a style suitable for children to learn , Large screen equipment that can also meet parents' high-quality audio-visual entertainment . What is the actual experience of the machine ? Let's look down together .

As a major video entertainment and K12 Large screen benchmarking tablet for educational scenes , Glory plate 8 It's a piece of... On the front 12 In screen , Have a wider 5:3 Screen scale , Compared with the ordinary market 11 The visible area of inch flat plate increases by about one sixth , At the same time, up to 87% And only 7.2mm Super narrow border , brought “ Big screen with small black edge ” My visual experience , Let the tablet computer really enter the era of giant screen , Whether it's online classes for children , Or parents watch videos , This piece of 12 Inch screen can bring more visible area , More immersive visual experience .

Show quality , This screen has 2K The resolution of the (2000×1200),PPI by 195, Support 10.7 Billion color display and HDR10, The brightness is 350nits, In the actual experience , The color of this screen is restored accurately 、 The display effect is also very delicate , It is also very comfortable to use for a long time .

More Than This , Glory plate 8 It also supports Rheinland hardware level low Blu ray , The biggest worry of many parents about their children's use of electronic devices is the impact on their eyesight . In response to this concern of parents , Glory plate 8 It has obtained the Rhine stroboscopic free certification and the eye care certification of the National Eye Engineering Center , It has the most comprehensive eye protection scheme in the same gear , And it brings dark mode through software blessing 、 E-book mode and software eye protection mode , I would like to recommend e-book mode , It adopts the design of simulated ink screen e-book , While protecting eyes , It can bring the ultimate reading experience .

Besides , For children who are used to lying 、 Use the tablet on your stomach and other random use scenarios , Glory plate 8 There are also unique skills . This time, the aircraft has kindly added a pair of K12 Reminder function of students' bad sitting posture , Open... In settings 【 Healthy use of tablets 】 Medium 【 Vision protection 】 After function , When the glory tablet 8 User viewing distance detected 、 When you watch in a lying position or when the screen continues to shake under the influence of the outside world, you will be reminded , Encourage users to maintain good eye habits . And when the glory tablet 8 When changes in ambient light such as dark light are detected , It will also automatically adjust the brightness , It realizes the all-round protection of eye health .

Now , Beauty is the first productivity , Glory plate 8 The color of makes my eyes shine , This machine provides mint green 、 Dawn blue 、 Three colors of dawn gold , The author got the dawn blue version , It is exquisite enough , I believe this color matching is suitable for both students and children 、 white collar , Will involuntarily like it . At the same time, the integrated metal body and anodic oxidation sand blasting process are adopted , Make the touch of the fuselage warm and delicate , To a certain extent, it also has a comfortable holding experience that is not easy to be contaminated with fingerprints .

besides , The thickness of the machine body is only 6.9mm, The weight of the fuselage is only 520g rise , Compared with the same generation of iPad 2021( The fuselage 498g, The thickness of the 7.5mm), Even if the screen size increases nearly 2 Inch , Glory plate 8 The thickness and weight control of the fuselage is also very excellent , Such a large size will not feel heavy in your hand , It fully presents the glorious and ultimate industrial design strength . Even for children , This size is just right .

In terms of audio , Glory plate 8 Adopted 4 individual 1620 and 4 individual 1217 Stereo eight speaker combination , The treble is loud , The bass is shocking , The sound effect experience is far better than the flat panel with four speakers in the same gear , It is the only existence in the same gear , Usually listen to music 、 When watching the video , Can feel a strong sense of sound shock .

meanwhile , For the moment K12 There are more and more online classes for young users , Glory plate 8 It also provides a dedicated vocal enhancement mode , At the system level, you can quickly start to focus on tuning the intermediate frequency sound quality of human voice , Finally, it makes the voice of online class teachers louder , The voice is clearer , Present the sound quality of face-to-face speech . For sharp sound 、 It's harsh 、 Dry problem , Glory plate 8 It also adopts the overall low-frequency improvement 、 Strategies to reduce high frequencies , Keep the sound clean 、 soft 、 cordial 、 natural , Online classes are like real classes . Of course , This mode is also suitable for video conferencing .

besides , It also supports HONOR Histen+DTS Dual sound adjustment , It not only further improves the immersive high-quality audio experience , It can also be combined with proud self-developed intelligent sound recognition technology , Provide standards 、 Voice 、 music 、 The movie 、 Intelligent switching of the four scenes of the game , Intelligently match the best sound effect , Enjoy a pleasant audio experience all the time . And support the whole people K Song and sing bar APP Call glory ear return SDK, Bring low latency 、 High experience K Song Entertainment , It can bring some different and interesting experiences to daily life .

In order to bring children a better online learning experience , Glory plate 8 It also has built-in massive education center resources , I have a rough look , Its content coverage and content resources are still very rich , Mainstream textbooks and compulsory education courses are highly synchronized , Match diversified quality to expand educational resources , It can stimulate children's interest in learning , Very intimate .

Take my child for example , Let him use the glory tablet 8 It's very easy to study , Not only will it not make children feel bored , We can choose the content of interests and hobbies according to the specific situation of children , Effective guidance is also the right way to learn knowledge while having fun , Teaching and learning , Parents also worry a lot .

More Than This , Education scene is one of the main directions of this tablet , Glory plate 8 It also supports English Chinese dictionaries ,AI The course schedule and the new print assistant function support test paper restoration , Sorting out mistakes 、 One click printing , For children to consolidate learning 、 It is very helpful and convenient to review the old and know the new , Don't worry about sorting out the wrong questions for children .

And for young children , Glory plate 8 This time, we also brought a paper plane for educational entertainment & Hand copy and print , Improve children's hands-on ability 、 Cultivate positive Aesthetics .

meanwhile , In order to prevent children from indulging in using tablets and parts APP, Parents can open “ Healthy use of tablet mode ”, And set the application white list , Custom move in remove APP, Make sure your child's study desk is clean 、 controllable , It can also be used for individual APP Use the time limit , Help children cultivate their eyes not to use too much , Entertainment should be moderately correct in the use of digital products , Let electronic products become a line of defense to protect children .

After talking about the two main scenes of this time , Glory's consistent strong strength in system ecology has naturally been applied to the new glory tablet 8 On , First of all, the most frequently used multi window 、 Split screen operation . Users who have used glory mobile phones should be very familiar with the operation of this function , The operation on the tablet is generally similar . We call it at the top to realize one click split screen , The left button sets the full screen , The middle button is reduced to a floating ball , Right button suspended window switch , The operation is more concise . Especially for online classes , combination 12 Blessing of inch screen , The benefits of split screen are more obvious , Children can take notes while listening to online classes on the same screen , Without switching screens .

Before, the biggest problem of Android Tablet was that the application horizontal evaluation was not suitable , Not interface stretching , The content tile is incomplete , Resulting in a very unfriendly experience . Regarding this , Glory plate 8 In the new split screen experience , For the first time, we can drag the black edge in the middle to customize the proportion of the split screen , It can expand the full screen at most , This is a very practical function , It can give users greater autonomy , It's easier to use .

Last , Glory and strong connectivity are also indispensable . Glory plate 8 It can realize multi screen collaboration 、 Rapid sharing 、 Wireless screen , Bring more efficient interconnection . For example, when the mobile phone is connected to the glory tablet 8 after , Tablet can directly control the mobile interface , Support pictures , Two way dragging and transferring of files , It supports answering phone calls through the tablet , Support for mobile phones 、 Flat 、PC High speed file sharing among the three ; Through the wireless screen projection function , Glory plate 8 You can quickly cast the content to a larger screen to watch the video .

To make a long story short , As far as I'm concerned , This glorious tablet 8 The cost performance is very good . Its product positioning is very clear , stay 12 Inch 2K HD eye protection full screen 、 Ultra Luxury eight speaker audio solution 、 Light metal fuselage 、 Wisdom has many windows 、 Application split screen 、 Thanks to many leading advantages such as multi screen collaboration , Cut in through the current core needs of users , It solves the pain points of students' frequent online classes and parents' daily needs for audio-visual entertainment , It is a good helper for children to learn , It is also an entertainment center with excellent experience in the hands of parents . If you need any of the above scenarios , So this glorious tablet 8 It should be a good choice .

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