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Entertainment and social enterprises going to sea? Here is a complete introduction!

2022-07-22 10:43:00Netease Yunxin

In recent years, , The normalization of the epidemic has prompted netizens in all countries and regions around the world Online hours have exploded situational .

According to the APP Annie data display ,2021 The annual service time of mobile devices is medium , Every time 10 Minutes 7 Minutes are used in entertainment and social applications .

however , Behind the opportunities, we also see various entertainment and social applications The cost of getting customers increases year by year , How to use Diversified interactive play methods improve user retention time , Improve the experience and interaction rate through continuous iteration and upgrading of Technology , To get more 、 Better users , Improve liquidity .

7 month 26 Japan , Amazon cloud technology (Amanzon Web Services)【 Chinese enterprises go to sea 】 Series of online summits · Social pan entertainment special , Coming soon ! This summit is jointly held by Amazon cloud technology and Netease Yunxin 、AppGrowing、Imply、Rokid、Zenlayer And other enterprises jointly hold . Yang Di, head of Netease Yunxin products As a sharing guest , With 《 How real-time interaction helps entertainment and social navigation 》 The theme of , Discuss with the guests Entertainment and social product technology in the context of great navigation 、 Play and scene innovation .



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