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2022-07-19 17:10:59Night drift ice

Last time I visited the market opening , I bought a jar of sauce at a discount , The result is Korean sauce , Usually it's not very useful to dip in vegetables .

Just this one :

Shunchang clam whitebait whitebait whitebait whitebait sauce imported from South Korea / Seafood sauce .

Prepare a diet , Just use this sauce to season . Cook some sliced meat and vegetables , Mix it with sauce , You don't say , It tastes good .

The process is as follows :

1, A potato , peel , cutting , steamed . You can also steam some eggplant .

2, Half an onion , section , Stir fry slightly in hot oil , It can add fragrance and taste , It can also reduce the spicy taste .

3, Boil water , boil , Depending on the difficulty of cooking , Join fans one after another , Chinese cabbage , Mutton or beef slices , Boil and remove .

4, A few cloves of garlic 、 Half a green onion , Smash and shred . You can also add some shredded green pepper .

5, Take a big bowl , Take the potatoes 、 Onions 、 Cooked vegetable vermicelli and meat slices 、 Put scallions and garlic in it , And add a few spoons of sauce .

6, Then stir well , Depending on your taste, you can choose to add sesame oil 、 zanthoxylum oil 、 Condiments such as chili oil . If the taste is weak, you can add some salt .

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