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AI translation helps social pan entertainment applications and global barrier free communication

2022-07-27 23:12:05Rongyun

Artificial intelligence has set off a wave in the translation industry . Focus on 【 Rongyun global Internet communication cloud 】 Learn more about

With the development of neural networks and deep learning , The field of translation has achieved rapid development in the past few years .AI The ability of translation increases exponentially , We can get almost the same result as human translation .


This also benefits many practitioners in today's tide of Internet going to sea in China .

The global population exceeds 4500 Ten thousand people speak a total of 34 Kind of , This will undoubtedly create a huge gap for the development of business going to sea or globalization . Especially in the global development of social pan entertainment applications , Social interaction depends on communication and communication , Pan entertainment relies on content output , Translation is the key link .

As a technical partner on the sea route of China's social pan entertainment , Rongyun is not only for safety 、 reliable IM Instant messaging and RTC Real time audio and video services support developers' global businesses , Also translating 、 Review and other aspects release the potential energy of industrial ecology , Help developers bridge the gap 、 Build bridges .

Melting clouds AI translate , Support 100+ Languages , Help sea applications overcome localization problems .

Text translation

Based on deep learning technology , Up-to-date NMT( Neural network machine translation technology ) For Architecture , Combined with the rich corpus accumulated in the field of social pan entertainment .

The quality of multilingual spoken translation is leading in the industry , Provide high-quality and reliable translation services for overseas enterprises , And deeply optimize oral English in chat 、 Abbreviations and other non-standard languages , Make the translation of multilingual languages more suitable for local language habits .

Automatically identify the source language of the text to be translated , And translate it into the set target language .


Rongyun text translation has the following advantages :

  • Focus on the pan entertainment industry , For colloquialism 、 abbreviation 、 misspelling 、 Network language and other non-standard chat text depth optimization .
  • Support the expression in chat 、 Symbols are processed , So that it does not affect the quality of Translation .
  • Support sensitive word filtering on the translation , Escort business .
  • Support translation between multiple mainstream languages , Break down communication barriers .

Can support English 、 Japanese 、 Korean 、 chinese ( Simplified Chinese character )、 chinese ( traditional Chinese character )、 Indonesian 、 Filipino 、 Thai, 、 Vietnamese 、 Malay Language 、 The Arabic language 、 German 、 Russian 、 Dutch 、 French 、 Greek 、 Italian 、 Norwegian 、 Polish language 、 Portuguese 、 Spanish 、 Swedish language 、 Turkish, etc 100 A variety of languages , Meet the needs of the global market .

Rongyun text translation process :


Translate the scene

  Global social applications

  Live barrage interaction

Multiplayer interactive games


Voice translation

Voice translation is the process of capturing the voice emitted by the user , After echo and noise elimination 、 Volume auto gain 、 Mute period elimination and other pretreatment , Get high quality voice , Then through speech recognition 、 Text translation , Translate the source language spoken by the user into the target language .

  Support Chinese 、 english 、 Japanese 、 Korean 、 Thai, 、 Vietnamese 、 Malay Language 、 Indonesian 、 Hindi 、 Filipino 、 The Arabic language 、 Turkish language 、 Russian 、 German 、 French 、 Italian 、 Spanish 、 Portuguese 、 Swedish language 、 Polish language 、 Greek 、 Norwegian 、 Dutch, etc 20+ Languages , Meet the needs of Globalization .

Rongyun voice translation has the following advantages :

  • Based on massive corpus in the field of Pan entertainment , Using neural network technology , In depth chat colloquial 、 Network language and other scenes .
  • Support the separation of human voice and various environmental background noise , Reduce the impact of noise on transcription and Translation .
  • Support recognition of commonly used mixed languages ( Such as Chinese audio mixed with English words ).
  • Support translation between multiple mainstream languages , Break down barriers .

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