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"Stay zero, stay cool", Chengdu krypton center unlocks a new way of leisure and entertainment

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The brand of new energy vehicles is not only subverting our way of travel , It is also changing our way of life .

Compared with tradition 4S The store is vehicle centered ( Look at the car 、 Car selection 、 A car ) Single attribute of , Today's new energy vehicle brand experience store has become a collection of leisure 、 entertainment 、 Making friends and other diverse urban life needs are integrated , And can participate in “ User co creation ” A warm place .

7 month 8 Japan , The third in the country 、 The first krypton center in West China , Officially opened in taiguli, a famous fashion business district in Chengdu . thus , Consumers in Chengdu and the whole west China region have another new trend to punch in .

More local characteristics , every last “ Polar krypton Center ” Are different

Krypton center is krypton's continuous improvement of user contacts , Exploring the service innovation model is an important part , Every krypton Center , Both have unique design style and functional layout, and conform to the brand positioning of krypton trend technology .

Uphold “Stay Zero, Stay Cool” The brand proposition of , Chengdu krypton center is located in “ Zero and infinite ” For the design concept . among “ zero ”, It represents the ecological and environmental protection advocated by the zero generation and the life attitude starting from zero ;“ Infinite ” Represents scientific and technological intelligence , Future exploration intertwined with cities . The facade of Chengdu krypton center is made of high-rise ultra white glass , Blend with the city , It embodies the concept of borderless design .

Chengdu krypton center maintains the brand characteristics of krypton while , It also integrates the local elements of Chengdu , Form a unique design style , Like in the store “ Bamboo forest ”( There are also vivid panda dolls on it ). The first floor is the car appreciation area , The second floor is the user's exclusive space , There is a krypton bar 、 Recreational area 、 free space 、 Forum area 、 Conference rooms and so on , It can meet the rich and diverse urban life needs of users .

ad locum , You can judge the car 、 Car appreciation , You can also relax 、 entertainment , You can also get together 、 dating . This is the display of the warm community culture of krypton , It is also an extension of the user co creation system .

In other words , It's not just about users knowing the brand 、 Experience products 、 A place to enjoy life , It is also the brand of krypton that goes deep into users 、 Enlighten each other 、 The center of joint creation .

Chengdu krypton center is close to the most prosperous fashion business district in Chengdu —— Taigu Li , Good location . Avant garde design , Warm atmosphere , Become another punch in place for users after dinner .

“ Don't make boring electric cars ”, Polar krypton 001 Speed up delivery

The completion of Chengdu krypton Center , It is krypton that insists on CO creating with users , Part of creating a rich krypton user service system . By 2022 year 6 month 30 Japan , Krypton's store network in major cities nationwide totals 133 home , Bring intelligent consideration to users 、 Efficient 、 Comprehensive and exclusive car service experience .

Of course , As the center of krypton “ Absolute focus ”, The first product of krypton —— Polar krypton 001 It is also constantly refreshing our cognition .

In the past 6 month , Polar krypton 001 deliver 4302 platform , The sales volume has remained stable for two consecutive months 4000+. Compared with Tesla 、“ Wei Xiaoli ” Waiting may not be outstanding , But you need to know. , This is an average order price of 33.5 Ten thousand yuan of pure electric vehicles , And in the face of the epidemic and global supply chain tension ( Especially the chip 、 Hang in the air, etc ) In the context of .

This year, 5 month 28 Japan , Krypton automobile announced delivery of 2 Ten thousand cars , 2-seeded 217 God , It has set a record for the delivery speed of the first model of new forces . so far , Polar krypton 001 Cumulative delivery 25017 platform ! Polar krypton 001 still 5 Luxury pure electric market in January (30 More than ten thousand yuan ) in , The single model of Chinese brand with the largest delivery .

This is polar krypton 001 insist “ Don't make boring electric cars ” Self cultivation , And win the high recognition of users . As orders continue to boom , Polar krypton 001 WE The version of long endurance dual motor vehicle is 2022 The orders that can be delivered within this year will be sold out .

It is worth mentioning that , Polar krypton 001 Will be in 7 month 11 Japan ushers in major evolution , Worth waiting for ! Polar krypton 001 While continuously improving delivery , Also constantly surpassing oneself , Evolution never stops .

Gourd man's point of view :

Chengdu krypton center fully demonstrates the community culture and co creation atmosphere of krypton , Let more people know krypton with a sense of technology and trend attributes , With sincere service 、 Warm design and comfortable atmosphere , Give users a sense of exclusivity and belonging , For users in Chengdu and the whole west China , Bring more modern 、 More fashionable 、 A more technological lifestyle .

With the continuous improvement of krypton service system , And the continuous deepening of the co creation of krypton and users , From products to services , The voice of users will continue to promote the rapid evolution of krypton , growing , Bring more surprises to the majority of users .

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