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Resolutely oppose "sky high price film pay"! There are rules for actors' remuneration

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In this paper, from : Voice of Hangzhou

10 Friday night

# The total remuneration of actors shall not exceed the production cost 40%#

Topics rush to the forefront of hot search

2 month 10 Japan

The State Administration of radio, film and television recently issued

《“ the 14th Five-Year Plan ” Development plan of Chinese TV series 》

In accordance with the plan

“ the 14th Five-Year Plan ” The period will include

The order of income distribution, including actors' remuneration

Promote the use of standardization 、 Be institutionalized 、

Uniform system of film remuneration and other labor contracts

The plan mentioned

We should strengthen the management of film pay

Firmly opposed “ It's priceless ”

The total remuneration of all actors in each TV series

Do not exceed the total production cost 40%

After the news came out ,

For a time, it triggered a heated discussion among many netizens

The plan also states that , We will continue to optimize the market environment , Improve the whole chain and whole process supervision mechanism before, during and after the event , Seriously deal with tax evasion 、“ Yin yang contract ”、“ It's priceless ” Actors and relevant institutions who violate laws and regulations , Illegal and immoral artists are forbidden to appear in TV dramas . Regulate TV industry brokers 、 Management of market entities such as brokerage companies .

Besides , The plan puts forward , Play the role of TV industry organization , Regulate the professional behavior , Implement industrial punishment for employees who violate laws and regulations . Sound director 、 The writers 、 Film producer 、 actor 、 Regular training mechanism for practitioners in TV series fields such as brokers , Strengthen ideological and political guidance , Clear the bottom line of the red line , Promote practitioners to consciously practice the core socialist values , Adhere to high professional ethics , Lead a good social fashion .

source : The xinhua news agency 、 National radio and television administration 、 Changjiang Daily

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