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What are the top ten Chinese films at the box office in Hong Kong?

2022-07-12 13:16:52Tencent Entertainment

The movie 《 Anita Mui 》 since 2021 year 11 Since its release in Hong Kong in August , The box office is booming all the way , In one fell swoop into the top ten box office of Chinese films in Hong Kong over the years .

What are the top ten best-selling Chinese films in Hong Kong over the years ? Let's have a look at the prefix today .

10.《 Infernal Affairs 》

box office :$55,057,176

Known as the post Millennium Hong Kong film to save the market 《 Infernal Affairs 》, Like a shooting star across the sky , A flash illuminates the decadent Hong Kong Film Factory .

19 Today, years later , Lau Andy 、 Tony Leung worked together again 《 Golden finger 》 Gaining momentum , I wonder if I can continue to be brilliant .

09.《 Mermaid 》

box office :$56,225,252

《 Mermaid 》 It has not only set a record in the Hong Kong market , It also successfully refreshed the mainland box office record of that year .

As soon as Xingye makes a move , I know if there is ,《 Mermaid 》 It's just an ordinary thing in the box office myth of Xingye .

08.《 Hong Fan District 》

box office :$56,912,536

《 Hong Fan District 》 It's Jackie Chan's first film with a production cost of more than 100 million yuan , Except for the local ticket warehouse , The film was released in the mainland , get 3500 More than ten thousand yuan at the box office , Then I got 3234 Ten thousand dollars at the box office .

It is truly an international dragon .

07.《 Police story 4: Simple task 》


1996 year ,《 Police story 4》 Selling in Hong Kong 5750 ten thousand , exceed 1995 Year of 《 Hong Fan District 》, Sit still 20 The champion of Chinese box office in Hong Kong in the 21st century .

06.《 Leaf asked 3》

box office :$60,422,830

《 Leaf asked 3》 stay 《 Leaf asked 》 Word of mouth in the series is not necessarily the best , But the box office successfully surpassed 6000 ten thousand , Ranked fifth in the top ten box office .

because 《 Leaf asked 》 The red Donnie Yen , After saying goodbye to master Ye , Where will his next landing point be ?

05.《 Shaolin Soccer 》

box office :$60,739,847

《 Shaolin Soccer 》 After the show , The spotlight is extremely strong , The total global box office reached 42776760 dollar , Hong Kong box office 6000 Ten thousand Hong Kong dollar .

Following 《 Tang Baihu points autumn fragrance 》 after , Stephen Chow once again broke the box office record of Hong Kong films , It has injected strong vitality into the sluggish Hong Kong Film Market .

04.《 Kung fu 》

box office :$61,278,697

《 Kung fu 》 Not only in Hong Kong, but also for a while , As 2004 Spring Festival in the mainland , More directly forced Feng Xiaogang to raise the file , Dare not collide with Xingye .

《 Kung fu 》 Received 100 million US dollars in the world , On box office , You can always trust Stephen Chow !

03.《 Anita Mui 》

box office : $61 ,723,357

A biopic based on legendary actress Anita Mui 《 Anita Mui 》, stay 2021 It will be released at the end of the year , It set off a movie viewing boom .

Everyone not only remembers sister Mei through the film , I also miss the glorious era of Hong Kong's entertainment industry .

Those are all prosperous times that will never happen again .

02.《 In those years , The girl we chased together 》

box office :$61,862,731

The only non-native film that broke into the top ten .

Imagine that , Nine knives took the team to the golden statue award , Shout thank Hong Kong for loving us so much .

Ten years later , This person has long been found out in front of and behind some scenes of this film .

01《 chills 2》

box office :$66,824,171

Liang Limin 、 Directed jointly by Lu Jianqing 《 chills 2》, It has been dominating the list for five years , However, the third film has not been found yet .

And another film directed by Liang Lemin 《 Anita Mui 》, It has become 《 chills 2》 After that, Hong Kong films with the highest box office , Be a phenomenal director .

In the above ten films , Chow yun-fat 、 Stephen Chow 、 Jackie Chan , It accounts for as many as six , The first “ It's double Monday yyds” On the public screen !

By reviewing the top ten Chinese films in Hong Kong , You can probably find ―― Action films and police and bandit films are always sharp weapons at the box office , Even if Hong Kong produced films can't go without co production today , Can grab the box office in the mainland , Still these two types of films .

So don't bury why there are only police and bandit films left in Hong Kong , We are good at shooting , Others can't shoot the inner taste , The key is that a large number of viewers are willing to pay .

Although most of the bad films are now , But who knows the next one 《 chills 》 Or the next one 《 One like you 》 When will it come out unexpectedly ?

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