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The original music and drama of Chaoyang Court won three awards in the 6th Ping An China "three wechat" competition

2022-07-12 12:15:28Oriental Infotainment

In this paper, from : Beijing Chaoyang Court

The 6th Ping An China

Micro film, micro video, micro Animation Competition

Zhang Bangla !

Covering micro movies 、 Micro video 、 Animation micro 、

Short video 、 Original music MV、 Photography included

Tens of thousands of works

After fierce competition

among ,719 A wonderful work

Stand out from the crowd

Composed by the famous Chinese composer zhanghongguang

Judge wangliying of Chaoyang Court wrote a speech

And the original music planned and shot by Chaoyang Court MV

《 This is how we look young 》

Won the

Best original music MV And the best Music Award

By Chaoyang Court spark drama club

A drama written, directed and acted by oneself

《 sparks of fire 》

Won the

Excellent script

Best original music MV & Best music award

This is how we look young

original MV《 This is how we look young 》 Based on Beijing Chaoyang District People's court “ Medal of honor balance ” The advanced deeds of the winner are the creation prototype , From 15 Departments 31 The original music of the court shot by young policemen MV, Everyone in the picture is full of vitality 、 perky , Deeply praising everyone who will always maintain justice for the people 、 The original intention of justice , Political and legal police officers who devote their youth to safeguarding fairness and justice .

Excellent script

《 sparks of fire 》

Original drama 《 sparks of fire 》 Focus on 1943 Spring Festival Eve , On four young people of the Supreme Court of Yan'an Shaanxi Gansu Ningxia border region . All four young people are in their youth like flowers , Writing his youth story in the Supreme Court of the Shaanxi Gansu Ningxia border region . It is difficult for them to promote the establishment of the judicial system in the border region 、 Puzzled 、 Have hesitation 、 There was an argument , But through mutual companionship and encouragement , They found their original heart , Stick to . A new year is coming , Four young people took a commemorative group photo with leaders and colleagues of the Shaanxi Gansu Ningxia border region high court . The picture is fixed on the old photo ……2021 year , Four young judges saw this old photo while visiting the exhibition of the Chinese court Museum , They stood for a long time , It seems that I heard the clank oath of the four young people in those years ……

It is reported that

All award-winning works

It will be on the official website of Ping An China three wechat competition

And central video client

Show and broadcast

Generations of political and legal heroes were born after generations of blood and fire quenching

Baptism of wind and rain

Build a higher level of safe China

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