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Dare to follow the crime film of Spiderman PK, or overturned

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Since the outbreak , The film industry of all countries is actively seeking “ The rescue ” The way .

Almost all the films that bear this heavy responsibility are big productions 、 Famous actors 、 A commercial film with strong appeal , Korea is no exception .

Early in the year , The one-day box office champion in the Korean market was named 《 spider-man : The hero has no return 》 Leading Hollywood blockbusters continue to dominate the list .

Until a modest Korean crime film was released , Once the situation was broken .

you 're right , This is the movie we are going to talk about today 《 Officer's blood 》.

《 Officer's blood 》 Adapted from a Japanese novel of the same name , Led by zhaozhenxiong and cuiyuzhi, two well-known actors , Recently turned red “ uncle ” Park hee Shun also took part in .

The film shows the story of high-density reasoning at the same time , It also discusses the meaning of the police profession and justice .

Cui minzai, played by Cui Yuzhi, is a fledgling policeman , Hold on with a cavity of warm blood “ Absolute justice ”, This persistence and self-discipline made the monitoring team fall in love with him , Ask him to go to the anti drug group ―― Pu Gang Yin, played by zhaozhenxiong, conducts undercover investigation around him , Be sure to find out the hard evidence of Pu gangyin's violation of discipline .

Pu gangyin is a police officer of the drug enforcement team who has made great achievements in the war , Many major drug trafficking cases have been solved , But because of driving a luxury car 、 Living in a villa 、 Wearing a famous brand and being suspected by the organization of accepting bribes , Served as an umbrella for drug trafficking organizations .

The honest young policeman met a man who walked between black and white 、 A wily policeman , The two men are full of wisdom and courage , Several plot turns also add a bit of tension to the story .

As for the final result, Cui minzai brought the elder to justice , Or did the elder lead Cui minzai into the gray area ? You can find out in the film .

A duel + The police and bandits plotted + Political irony , This new film has almost all the elements that South Korea's best crime film needs .

So the first day ,《 Officer's blood 》 The number of film viewers is a breakthrough 6 ten thousand , break 《 spider-man : The hero has no return 》 The monopoly , Also beat another Hollywood animation released on the same day 《 Happy voice 2》, Become the new one-day box office champion .

Korean media, who have always maintained the local films, immediately boasted , Call it “ Inject new vitality into the cinema ”.

unfortunately 《 Officer's blood 》 The explosive power of is just a flash in the pan : The film is currently in theaters for more than a month , Accumulatively mobilized the audience to stay at 68 Thousands of people , Well below the P & L point . let me put it another way ,《 Officer's blood 》 At the box office .

Word of mouth , Audience ratings on Korean websites 6.9, Douban score 6.5,IMDb only 6.1 branch .

Neither applaud nor sell , As the most mature commercial film in Korea 、 The most popular types ,《 Officer's blood 》 Step on all elements of the tough guy vs. crime film accurately , How did you end up overturning the car ?

Count the past ten years , South Korean tough guys get together to fight for wisdom and courage, and these movies have made a lot of hits , There are even some classic works with win-win reputation at the box office .

The most recognized , Naturally 2013 ) 《 The new world 》.

Li Zhengzai 、 Cuiminzhi and Huang Zhengmin, the three pillars of Zhongwu Road, play together , Let this be 《 Infernal Affairs 》 The police and bandit crime film inspired by the movie has become a typical genre in the hearts of many fans .

Among them, Huang Zhengmin plays a gang leader who is cold-blooded and dissolute , The undercover struggle played by lizhengzai is helpless , Two obviously different people have a deep brotherhood , More in the gear of fate experienced a difficult choice .

The successful shaping of these two roles makes 《 The new world 》 It has become a benchmark in the duel between the two sides .

In contrast, the two male gods cooperated for the second time after seven years 《 Save me from evil 》, And directly abandon 《 The new world 》 The arc brought by the complex human nature to the two characters , In turn, it has created two single roles: the gold medal killer and the tyrannical butcher , And connect them with the simplest and most brutal revenge .

therefore 《 Save me from evil 》 Although relying on male god's box office appeal and bloody action scenes, it has achieved a high box office , But in terms of public praise and depth, it is still 《 The new world 》 Out of the way .

It's not hard to understand :《 Save me from evil 》 Director and screenwriter of Hong yuancan , He is better at and likes this type of crime that provides rough pleasure .

His two best-known screenwriting works so far 《 The Yellow Sea 》 and 《 Pursuer 》, It is also full of plasma and violence 、 Films that do not pursue high-energy reversals and deep thinking .

《 The Yellow Sea 》 The boss Mian played by Zhongjin Yunshi hammers people's heads with a big stick ,《 Pursuer 》 Li He Zhengyu killed women with a chisel , Both left a deep and frightening impression on the audience .

This is the biggest feature of most tough guy crime movies : The visual stimulation brought by bloody violence and fierce action drama , It is often more impressive than the revelation of social problems .

On visual stimulation ,2010 ) 《 See the devil 》 It can be said that it has achieved the ultimate : Starring cuiminzhi and libingxian , One is a perverted murderer driven crazy by life , One is a policeman driven mad by a murderer , Two madmen ran into , It is like a bloody fight between wild animals .

The continued dismemberment in the film 、 Melee 、 Erotic lens , It also makes this too violent film the first commercial film in South Korea to be restricted .

After that 《 Asura 》《 an old hand 》《 Crime city 》《 Villain biography 》 as well as 《 Save me from evil 》 And so on, a crime film featuring a duel between two heroes , There are also wonderful action scenes from boxing to meat and bloody clips on the screen .

After reviewing these Korean tough guy duel movies , Look again. 《 Officer's blood 》 This new film , The reason why it can't become a hot money is obvious .

Because it is adapted from a Japanese novel of the same name , Focus on high-density reasoning and inversion ,《 Officer's blood 》 Naturally, it has a different style from other violent crime films .

Although the core is the new and old generations of police played by zhaozhenxiong and cuiyuzhi , But there are many positive and negative roles around them , The police 、 criminal 、 Undercover 、 The competition among the high-level and so on is blended together by the screenwriter at a very fast pace , The pursuit of reversal also raises the threshold for viewing , This is naturally difficult for the audience who are used to the simple and rough style .

At the same time, because the film is rated as 15 Over years old, you can watch ,《 Officer's blood 》 There is hardly any excessive bloody violence in the movie , Zhaozhenxiong cuts cuiyuzhi's eyelids with a cutter , Almost all the scenes in the film have more bleeding .

Without the attraction of sensory stimulation ,《 Officer's blood 》 It is also difficult to form a good communication effect , Unable to stand out from many new films .

Subtitle source :TSKS Korean drama club

Zhao Zhenxiong + Cuiyuzhi's pairing is also relatively weak , Although the former is also a well-known movie star , Xiao Cui's popularity has soared recently because of the popularity of the new drama , But compared with the works mentioned above , The box office appeal of the two of them is weak after all .

So it seems ,《 Officer's blood 》 Actually, I have courage , It dares to open up a partial Japanese style in the already patterned Korean two male crime films 、 A new style of calm and restraint , The attempt itself is worth encouraging .

So although the Douban score is only 6.5, Xiao Wan still recommends that you take a look at this standard type film suitable for decompression .

Put aside the bloody violence that irritates the eyes , Follow the character to think “ justice ” What is it , It's also a good experience !

notes : Some of the pictures in this article come from Douban and the Internet , If there is infringement, please take the initiative to contact us .

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