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Exclusive interview with Wang Yang: This is the only skin bag

2022-06-21 04:49:42Oriental Infotainment

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In the past two years , Speaking of the actor Wang Yang , A lot of people think 《 Celebrate more than 》 Tengzijing, a loyal and courageous man ,《 Rebel 》 Medium “ Drag the king ” Chen moqun . And the TV series that have recently ranked first in ratings and click through rates 《 human world 》, Caixiaoguang, played by Wang Yang , Once again, it was recognized by the audience .

stay 《 human world 》 Fourorfive months before shooting , A friend mentioned this project to Wang Yang ,“ I know it is a very heavy project , But I didn't have any intersection with the director and the team , I didn't think too much about it , I didn't think there would be any chance to take part in the performance .” However , Li Lu's director team found Wang Yang ,“ Said there was a good role for me , I said yes, of course .”

《 human world 》 Still , Wang Yang Decoration Cai Xiaoguang

I met and talked with Li Lu for an hour , Wang Yang can feel Li Lu's confidence ,“ He believes that this can be a very good work . Besides, he is very sincere , He said he wanted to make a work that could reflect the real life of the people in Northeast China in a specific period .” Li Lu's previous play , image 《 In the name of the people 》《 The circuit prosecution team 》, High ratings , The heat is also high .《 human world 》 It is a realistic subject with the former two ,“ But the difference is that it is more simple , More restore the life of some small people in life .” Wang Yang said .

In Wang Yang's impression , In recent years 《 human world 》 So close to real life 、 There are few group portrait works with a long time span ,“ So the director said to use such a group of actors , To do a play like this , Restore the life of an era , I feel very sincere , It is my honor to participate in the performance , If not , I will also broadcast it when , To focus and learn .” Wang Yang said ,“( Participation ) Give me the biggest feeling , It is the people who have done a lot of preparation , The creative process is very sincere , The play has a texture , Emotional and simple , I think it can move people .”

“ Cai Xiaoguang ” Face the essence of life

Caixiaoguang is a wise man who knows everything about the world . And he loved Zhou Rong for many years , Is an absolute idealism . This comparison of the relationship between the two characters is very interesting .

In Wang Yang's opinion , People at different ages , The understanding of things is also changing .“ People can never be too idealistic and perfectionist .18 At the age of , You can idealize , Can be perfectionist , Can be relatively self-centered . But when people mature , Facing the society , In your work , emotional , All aspects of life , May encounter various problems and situations , Some are happy , You're walking up ; There are constraints and setbacks , It will frustrate you . After many experiences , You will gradually adapt yourself to the society .”

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