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"The world", reading while pursuing drama

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lately , A TV play adapted from liangxiaosheng's novel 《 human world 》 Conflagration .2019 year , When teacher liangxiaosheng sent three masterpieces , Read in time , At that time, I thought how wonderful it would be if it were made into a TV play . I didn't expect that more than two years later , It really went online , Sure enough, the fire . Because I have read novels , I don't have such a strong desire to brush dramas , I prefer to use words , feel “ human world ” The bitterness and bitterness of .

Teacher Xiaosheng is really a great writer , I visited his study before , Listen to him talk about his past reading and writing career , Deeply moved by his sincerity and true feelings . Every word was written in his slightly trembling handwriting A4 On white paper , There are many sharpened pencils on the desk , One painting at a time , be strict in one 's demands , Manuscripts are rarely altered , have a well-thought-out plan , Flowing out . When I arrived , He is writing a new novel on his desk , I took the manuscript and looked at it , The white paper is numbered at the top right :532.

Liangxiaosheng's manuscript

“ It was given to her by a student she taught who later worked in the Telecommunications Bureau , Send... Every year .

At dinner , My mother asked Xu ran where she bought the food she brought ? Not only fresh , Also clean , It's easy to wash . Xu ran said .”

This Xu ran should be another woman in his works . Just look at these sentences , You can feel the cleanness of teacher Liang's words and the fullness of details , He was a screenwriter at the Beijing Film Studio , He has a strict pursuit of words and details . Mr. Liang spent a long time telling me the whole story of the new novel , I was full of expectation after listening .

Mr. liangxiaosheng said frankly , Everything I do now , It's all finishing work , It's about getting ready to leave . up to now , Write what you still have in mind , Write it all out . At present, this one is finished , There are oneortwo little wishes , After finish , Exit at the right time . Life is now , In fact, it is constantly unloading the burden , Human life , There are too many burdens on my back , Some are forced by life , Some are self imposed . Writing now , Just doing something to unload the burden .

What an enviable state it is , Maybe the writer is only in this state , To have a steady stream of creativity and completion , Over the years , Teacher liangxiaosheng is not only creative , And the more you write, the more comfortable you become , I feel like every work grows on him , then , He put the “ They ” Remove , In front of the readers , It's a big reading meal .

This play is especially popular in the little red book , I just started playing little red book recently , You can brush it any time 《 human world 》, All aspects of the play are hot topics discussed by sweet potatoes . thus , Let me also reflect , Why such an excellent work , When he was published as a novel, there was little noise , Although Mr. liangxiaosheng won by virtue of this novel “ Mao Dun Literature Award ”.

A lot of people will say , I really don't have time to read nearly a million words 、 A three volume novel . And when it was made into a TV play , Dozens of episodes , Catch up for a month or two , We suddenly have time , I even hope it will be a little longer . Reading books and chasing plays , Why is there such a big contrast ? undoubtedly , In the heavy real life , People need entertainment to clear up , binge-watch 、 Brush video 、 Shopping and so on are good decompression methods , While reading a book , Often seen as another burden .

I've always advocated , Reading should also be a natural state of daily life , When we are immersed in the world of books , written words 、 The story 、 thought 、 The picture …… All kinds of elements will lead to brush play 、 The experience of brushing video is incomparable , Maybe , This experience is hard to visualize , It's impossible “ forward ” To others , Only real readers , To enjoy this wonderful experience .

Liangxiaosheng's study Green tea sketch

not long ago , I sent a picture of my study in xiaohongshu , A roomful of books piled on the ground , Block the window tightly . The sweet potatoes were very happy to see it , Give me all kinds of ideas , Worry about my floor load and so on . Maybe , Watching others fall into a certain dilemma is also a way to decompress .

There is a , My friend luoxuecun came to my home , Seeing the situation in my study , Great silence . He drew a picture of my study , And ask me to sign , I asked :“ The most chaotic study in history , Get caught up in it every day , But enjoy it ”. Brother Xuecun asked me closely :“ The siege of books , You can't get out , I can't get in , Ha ha ha ……”

Liangxiaosheng's study Green tea taken

I think , This is probably the fun of reading people , Only immersed in the book , Just feel that the world is stable and interesting , No matter how colorful the online world is , Cool and colorful , Not moved .( Green tea )

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