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Fengqiu technology provides you with electric vehicle entertainment system solutions

2022-06-20 10:52:06WINDHILL_ Fengqiu Technology

Danlaw It is the world's leading technology and service provider in the automotive and aerospace industries , Committed to providing safer , More intelligent systems .Danlaw With breakthrough technology , Known for efficient development and adaptive solutions for dynamic environments .Danlaw The world's cutting-edge networked automotive solutions make it one of the world's large interconnected equipment suppliers .

One Infotainment system test

| Danlaw It provides various innovative solutions for testing and verification of automotive infotainment system , Include :

1. Based on known performance , Stable and reliable addition of new infotainment system functions ;

2. Through pre identification 、 Describe defects and problems encountered by users to reduce development costs and risks ;

3. Conduct a comprehensive test of the function and performance of each component , To ensure the quality of the components .

| Through the accumulation of experience ,Danlaw Have two core tests , for OEM Provide efficient 、 High yield solutions , Include :

1. Infotainment system verification and integration test ;

2. Infotainment system stability test .

These two categories complement each other , And get Danlaw Automatic test software Mx-Suite Full support .

For in car entertainment system testing ,Danlaw In the long run with OEM In cooperation with suppliers , Together with them, we have explored a variety of industry best practices , The case is as follows :

Two Simplify development process

| Test lab :

Danlaw Provide ECU Verify available solutions . Including automated and manual laboratory testing ECU Components 、 Multiple ECU The whole system . The popular test service schemes currently provided are as follows :

1. Power model

2. A functional test

3. Bluetooth test

4. OTA test

5. Video surveillance

6. 24 / 7 records ECU Test situation

7. Remote access test bench

3、 ... and Test bench

Danlaw For many OEM and Tier The supplier has established a system for providing similar vehicle signal input / Output infotainment module test platform .

The test bench supplies power to the module , And pass CAN、LIN、MOST Communicate with Ethernet . stay Mx-Suite Various test cases are developed in , And run in regression tests .

| Looking back

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