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GM will close the infotainment system application marketplace this month

2022-06-20 06:12:55Chinese industry information station


GM finally gave up its car market application . It is reported that , Its on-board infotainment system function allows the driver ( Or passengers ) Book dinner in a comfortable car 、 Ordering food and even paying for gas . Friday local time , The car manufacturer announced , It will stop Marketplace Application services .

For the car dashboard , This seems to be an unnecessary 、 Features that may not be safe , Especially in a place where everyone carries mobile phone An age when you can do the same thing . in fact , GM cited slow growth as the reason for abandoning the application .

“ We regularly evaluate our services , To ensure that they provide the best experience for our members . In this spirit , We have decided to stop our Marketplace,” General Motors told its owners by email last week .

Although GM is in the millions 2017 Years and 2018 The car is equipped with Marketplace application , But an anonymous GM engineer told CNBC, The number of users has never been in the thousands . therefore , The automaker is unlikely to enrage too many users by taking the app off the shelves .

Several GM partners have signed on to the idea , Including shell 、 ExxonMobil 、Dunkin'、TGI Fridays etc. . These retailers even offer special discounts and coupons to app users , But in the end it didn't seem convenient enough .

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