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Noon sunshine will sell again tonight, and the annual hot money is reserved

2022-06-20 05:18:35Tencent Entertainment

It is the beautiful scenery in February , When flowers bloom, I meet you again .

Tonight? , Finally, here we are. ―― Noon sun ,《 Meet in season 》.

Zhejiang 、 Oriental satellite TV network , Youku webcast .

Words 2022 I haven't been here long , The drama king already has two seed players , a 《 human world 》, A midday movie 《 start 》.

By tonight , It's midday sunshine again , With another potential King .

In addition, Hunan Satellite TV has broadcast 《 Two possibilities of marriage 》, Beijing Satellite TV today broadcast 《 Our marriage 》, thus , A new round of the battle of the national opera has been unfolded . The most anticipated , still 《 Meet in season 》.

《 Are both good 》 Director Jianchuan �Z And then to , At noon, a new generation of ACE screenwriter aney adapted the original novel , Aney is also the screenwriter of this play . And the series adapted from Arnie's last two novels , a 《 Are both good 》, a 《 Great river 》.

literally , Aney's works are the trump card of the audience .

Another trump card for TV viewing , Lei Jia Yin .

Over there 《 human world 》 Still continue to hit the highest rating record of CCTV TV series , Here we go again .“ Big head ”, It is becoming a new generation of male gods of Chinese opera .

Add Yuanquan, the goddess of Chinese opera , And Zhang Yixing 、 Jia Nailiang 、 Luo Haiqiong 、 Liang Guanhua 、 Li Naiwen 、 Wang churan 、 Zhang Li is a wave of actors , Have a face ,

To act , There are eight powerful sects .

This card face , Strong enough .

But as we all know , At noon, the sun burst out , It never just depends on the cards , But by grasping the hearts of the audience .

《 Meet in season 》 This pot of old soup has been boiling for so long , malicious , steady , love .

One layer at a time , Be short of one cannot , With the sincerity of each episode , Poke at every spectator's weakness .

Next , Let me bring you in ahead of time ―― Meet in season .

1、 The story , malicious : Middle aged Romeo and Juliet , Family grudges , Middle aged love , It's all

Remember 《 The first half of my life 》 My ex husband and Tang Jing ?

Time interval 4 year , Leijiayin and Yuanquan finally formed a real group CP 了 .

But there are thousands of lovers on the screen , As they do in the play , There are really not many pairs .

In the words of netizens , Middle aged Romeo and Juliet .

The beginning of the story , From a previous generation . Leijiayin and Yuanquan , As the eldest son of the Jane family ―― Jian Hongcheng , Ning parent daughter ―― Ning Yu . Because of a dispute and accident , Jane's father was seriously injured , Ning's father died , Leaving a knot between the two families .

They had a green love affair in college , But they separated because of family grudges .

And jianhongcheng , After his father died, he was driven out of the house by his sister , A man goes far away , Start a business alone and become an entrepreneur of a listed company .

And it is the original family , And brought Jian Hongcheng back to his hometown ―― Zhang Lixin, the apprentice of his father Tuogu , It is not only treacherous to establish its own Lixin group . He also brought down the enterprise , Even the land of the old factory will not be preserved .

King jianhongcheng returns , Is to get back what belongs to you , But unexpectedly, I met Ning Yu, who suffered a marriage change .

In Ning Yu's words , Namely “ Circle round , We still go back to the origin ”.

A pair of former lovers , Because the family grudges separate , In middle age, people break down many obstacles , Come together again ?

It's not so easy .

Both are subject to complex family conflicts , Each has its own difficult Sutra .

On one side , It's 90 million bad debts .

Zhanglixin knows that paper can't stop fire , Run away , Leave the Jane family to clean up the mess .

On the other side , It's an old feud between two families , And they continue to lead to new incidents .

How to end the grudge between the two families in their generation , So that future generations do not have to live in hatred , It takes two people to break the game .

This is also 《 Meet in season 》 The difference from the traditional middle-aged love drama ――

If the traditional middle-aged love story , The family is only a curtain at best .

that , The family here , It is a set that the middle-aged Romeo and Juliet must face , rack one 's brains to , Airtight chess game .

Put in it , It's like walking into the nested Russian dolls .

Current “ Dolls ”, Just by my side ―― Sister and brother of Ning family .

The Jane family's industry is falling apart , A large part of the reason is that Ning Yu's younger brother Ning Shu ( Zhang Yixing ) Behind the scenes .

After the accident that year , Ning Yu and his mother took the young Ning Shu ( Zhang Yixing ) Leave , Change the name to excuse , I just don't want the gratitude and resentment of the previous generation to continue .

But Ning Shu has a line in the play ―― One “ If there is a good man in the Jane family , We will not be fooled ”.

Even if his sister persuaded him to put down his hatred , Don't burn yourself , Ning Shu is still burning .

Jianhongcheng summed it up well , He didn't come here to collect debts , He wants the Jane family “ Evil will be recompensed with evil ”, To relieve his hatred .

A difficult doll , And the Jane family “ civil strife ”.

There is a dialogue of Jian Hongcheng in the trailer , A word of , The younger brother who issues VAT invoices privately :“ You want to make such a fuss , No one can help you .”

Another sentence , Facing jianminmin, who is holding up her mobile phone and is hit by the creditor and burst into tears :“ What did you do behind my back ?”

The front is at war , The two restless sisters and brothers in the rear also made jianhongcheng tired both physically and mentally .

Obviously , The gratitude and resentment between the two families will not be solved in one day , More dolls will continue to appear .

The dolls are difficult to solve , But jianhongcheng is not a vegetarian .

Under attack 、 Be beset with troubles internally and externally . Then lead the snake out of the cave 、 How it .

What exactly does it mean , No spoilers .

but , In the face of countless difficulties , It is the brave face of jianhongcheng and Ning Yu , And the calmness of extreme restraint , Finally, the game is broken .

In this story , Family is not the background , It's destiny .

But the difficult dilemma , There are also two sides of the eternal unity : Trapped by two families , It's hate . To free the two families , It's about letting go .

2、 acting , accurate : The eight powerful factions , There's a good play

Good story , Naturally, there are a group of ruthless characters .

Jian Chuan �Z A major feature of the play , It is a rich group of images .

These performing arts experts , Catch up with ――

The first tough character , Leijiayin plays jianhongcheng .

it seems , I seem to have taken one “ Cool play ” Script : Return of the king , All the way through , Reverse the crisis .

Actually ? One brain is helpless .

In the face of trivial family disputes and mutual revenge between the two families , At the same time, we have to deal with jianminmin's adding fuel to the fire , At the same time, we should resolve the obsession of calmness and forgiveness , personal enemy , family ――

A difficult dilemma , Chaotic feelings , A fluttering fate , All become the tension of the role .

The strength of the new acting male god of this national opera , No one has questioned , What Lei Jiayin needs , Is to make the audience jump out of Bing Kun's impression , Remember jianhongcheng .

See the performance tension of Lei Jiayin Trailer , I think , as sure as a gun .

The second tough character , Yuan Quan plays Ning Yu .

from 《 Handsome Sibling 》 Suying, the childhood goddess in , To 《 The first half of my life 》 Tangjing, a powerful woman in the workplace , Until then 《 Chinese captain 》 Purser Bi Nan who is calm in the face of danger , Yuanquan, the goddess of Chinese opera, is in this play , Although the shape shows a little vicissitudes , Eyes are still deep and bright .

The audience said , There are stars in her eyes .

Rather forgive the brightness and sadness , How ? Last second , Still whispering to my brother , Talk to your ex gently , Next second , Pick up your bag and fight with your enemy .

The barrage said one after another : Finally, I saw the female host of domestic life drama with action drama .

But the most touching , Still crying . The trailer Yuanquan's crying scene only 3 second , But from my mother's anger over jianminmin rolling downstairs ,

To face the explosion of Jian Hongcheng , Finally tears burst out of the bank .

A crying scene , Crying out the tragic fate brought about by the old feud between the two families .

I'll make a decision flag ad locum , The goddess of Chinese opera , There will be new classic characters .

The third character , Tian Jingye, played by Jia Nailiang .

And jianhongcheng , It's a life-long friendship , Not a brother , Like a brother . The opening sentence : Your business is my business .

Character's loyalty , It's all out . But the righteous children , It is also easy to be impulsive .

Jianhongcheng's strongest backing , At the same time, he is also a husband who has committed crimes for his wife , And a failed father willing to give everything for his children .

It can be seen that Jia Nailiang plays a very important role in the play , And men and women , as well as “ Villain ” Ning Shu has many opponents , about 4 Jia Nailiang, who returned to the small screen years later , This is complex and real , The No. 1 assistant role of the male leader with no facial makeup , Is the best chance to prove your acting skills .

The fourth character , Luo Haiqiong “ Disfigured performance ” Jianminmin .

Who would have thought , that 《 The criminal officer of the song dynasty 》 Yinggu in ,《 OT Surun Pyyhit Silmistani 》 Fang Ziyi in ,《 Kite 》 Han Bing in , A goddess of Chinese opera with good looks and acting skills , In this play , Put your own “ image ” All destroyed .

In Jianchuan �Z Play of , There will always be a character who makes the audience want to rush into the screen and fan him ,《 Are both good 》 in , It's Su's scum man Tian Tuan , The play , The elder sister and brother-in-law of the Jane family .

Jianminmin was married by her father to zhanglixin, a country boy who was more than ten years old , In exchange for her marriage, she left the factory to her brother , In contrast, , Drive my brother out of the house .

Many years later , Zhanglixin runs away , She was still playing the role of a little coat last second , Wear small sunglasses , A group of ruthless security guards in front .

The next second I was called by the creditor “ Squeeze your face and cry ” Ask your brother for help .

Last second , Take a group of people to fight with Ning family , Next second , Ning's mother and she tumbled down the stairs , She was so flustered that she ran away .

Believe that after the show starts , This character must make people itch .

But the more the audience hated her , The more I witnessed LuoHaiQiong's face changing acting .

The fifth character , Liangguanhua plays zhanglixin .

The once meager zhangdamin 、 Detective Di Renjie , Be kind this time , I want IQ, but I don't have IQ , Why not , First place in running .

It is not that Liang Guanhua has never acted as a villain , But how to perform a thoughtful performance in a modern play 、 A man of complex character “ Villain ”, I'm really looking forward to this first-class acting school .

The sixth character , Yanxiaopin plays Ning's mother ―― Ning Hui .

In those days, yanxiaopin relied on 《 Beijingers in New York 》 To fame , But when his career was the most popular, he returned to his family .

Now come back , It's the mother-in-law 、 The role of mother , But the role of Ning Hui , It is by no means a simple womanizer .

It was she who took the initiative to put down her hatred , Rename my son Ning Shu , It is she who maintains the family relationship between Ning Yu and Ning Shu , It is also the accident of this character , Become the strongest tear gas to ignite the hatred between the two families .

Yan Xiaopin , Finally, I met a woman worth acting .

The seventh character , Ning Yu's ex husband, played by Li Naiwen ―― Hao Qinglin .

There is no need to say more about the acting skills of this golden supporting actor , This time he played , without doubt , Is an unqualified husband .

But a wordless look in his son's eyes , It also endows the character with great versatility .

There won't be too many scenes in this role , But such a solid acting school is more , The performance of the whole play will be guaranteed .

The eighth character , Jane Hongcheng's ex-wife , Chen xiner .

《 Great river 2》 in , She played Wei Chunhong, Lei Dongbao's second wife .

The role this time , After the divorce, she still clings to jianhongcheng , Even risking his life to threaten Jian Hongcheng and Ning Yu , comparison 《 Great river 2》, Obviously more play , I am also looking forward to the breakthrough of this temperament actress .

Besides these acting schools , Of course, there is also a key role to be mentioned ―― Ning Shu, played by Zhang Yixing .

As the eye of the storm of the drama tension , This character who is bent on revenge but has been beaten repeatedly , There's so much to play , Light Trailer , I was beaten three times , From black and blue , Foaming at the mouth .

No wonder the audience asked ,“《 Meet in season 》 Is it an urban martial arts film ?”

Experienced 《 Daming is gorgeous 》 and 《 Black storm 》 After the performance training of , Zhang Yixing's acting , It has also reached a critical point of breakthrough .

I hope you will forgive this character , Can let this flow idol who is dedicated to honing his acting skills , Complete transformation .

It's not hard to see. , Everyone in the play is not perfect , There are no bad people in the whole play , There is no good man Wei Guangzheng .

Just facing the difficulties of life , Ordinary people who have made their own choices .

It is such a real and deep human design , It's easier for the audience to empathize .

Look at these performances of the acting school . Just one word. : Shuang !

3、 human , love : The ultimate killer of the midday sun , Still hold the audience's heart

Last , Two people who can't help mentioning .

Writer, resistance to + Director Jianchuan �Z, Before Jianchuan �Z Directed by 《 Are both good 》, It is adapted from aney's novel of the same name .

An ace screenwriter .

One has served as 《 Braving the journey 》、《 The line of life and death 》 Deputy director of , Directed independently by Zhang Yi 、 Starring Li Chen 《 good heavens 》 and 《 Are both good 》 A real-world director .

This combination , It's obviously the midday sun “ Sheng content ” Is one of the best combinations in the case of zero .

I have to mention , Or the midday sun .

In a sense ,《 start 》 It is the Super Long Trailer of the series , There is a stop on the bus diagram , Call “ Lixin building ”, here we are 《 Meet in season 》, When Lei Jiayin opened her mouth, she said :“ Lixin building , It is the foundation of our Jane family .”

Colored eggs , Have fun .

But behind the eggs , You can also see what the midday sun shines through : from 《 Are both good 》 To 《 start 》, These different types of midday sunshine pop dramas , Never left , yes ―― people .

Just this time , The midday sunshine should be taken in focus , It's middle-aged , How to laugh at the chicken feathers of life .

The original play 《 Falling flower season 》 The name , Originated from the poem Saint Dufu 《 Jiangnan meets the year of Li Gui 》:

It's common to see , Cui jiutang heard about it several times ago . It is the beautiful scenery of Jiangnan , Fall flower season meet gentleman again .

Men and women meet in the falling flower season , Facing , It's not just feelings that people can't let go of in middle age , And the burden of dissolving the grievances between the two families .

But the harder it is , The more you can see middle-aged love , What we are looking for is just such a deep understanding and resonance .

The audience said , This story is too bloody , I think , The key is not in the story frame , It's about how the main creator “ people ” Flesh and blood instead of “ make all the same ” A clever choice ; Replace the emotional feeding of stacking conflicts with delicate emotional depiction , Really shoot “ Middle age confusion ” and “ Life is impermanent ” Under the firm determination .

Middle aged people fall in love , Too much force will be greasy .

But in this play , The love between elder sister Ning and the eldest son of the Jane family is like a cup of hot tea in winter . The entrance feels bitter , The aftertaste is sweet and warm into the heart .

The more dramatic the conflict , This is the only middle-aged transparent and gentle , The more you tell the audience how to put it down .

When the plot really reflects the reality we live in , The story will no longer look like dog blood , Because as the contradiction advances , What we see is not just the love of a middle-aged man and woman .

There are also several families 、 The fetters of generations .

As the plot unfolds , The topic is not limited to middle-aged emotions , It also involves native families , Divorced families regroup , Children's education, etc .

Through them , The audience can find the miniature of their own life in this play , And found a way to solve the mess of life , That's it : Use rational thinking to resolve the meaningless family tear , This is what middle-aged people should do , Such a mature outlook on life , It is very valuable in domestic dramas .

These two years , There are many domestic dramas about middle-aged life , But there are not many boutiques , For national dramas , It is also a difficult situation to solve .

I hope this noon sunshine can let the audience see a more real middle-aged life .

There is no need to make a universal chicken soup , Tell people the ultimate answer to life , It is precisely to tell people , Running water meets the life behind you again over the years , Not perfect , Life is always in trouble , There are always setbacks and regrets .

but , We still have to face forward , Try to live a good life .

At the end of the day , The hot password of noon sunshine , But it is once again confirmed that sentence : Art comes from life , And higher than life .

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