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Director Qiao Liang's "old best friend" ends young and old life raises hot discussion

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“ Rare , A play that doesn't have to be watched at double speed .”“ The end is , Loathe to give up . It's been a long time since I've seen such a real and lively play ”“ Old age drama can also be so young , The performance of the five movie queens was amazing , The more you look, the more you taste ”“ Old girlfriends huddle together to provide for the aged , Full of flavor , The top is in my heart again ”…… Directed by Qiao Liang , Wang Fuli 、 Pan Hong 、 Song Xiaoying 、 Xu di 、 Urban emotional drama starring Wu Mian 《 Old girl 》 A few days ago, the CCTV Batao came to a successful conclusion , Netizens praised it like a tide .

China audio visual big data display :《 Old girl 》 With 1.257% Ratings of , It ranks second in the national prime time TV series . By virtue of the light old age life 、 Happy light wind narration 、 Warm feelings heal ,《 Old girl 》 It refreshes the audience's imagination of the drama about the elderly , Known as the old version 《 Ode to joy 》、 Drama version 《 Desired life 》.

《 Old girl 》 It is rare in China to focus on the elderly , Family centered , With family 、 career 、 friendship 、 A realistic drama with love as its theme . The experience and life style of the five old girlfriends in the play are empathetic , It gives the audience a lot of thinking and power . The audience spoke frankly :“ I like my old friend's daily life very much , It's fun to watch the five old dramas . I am used to watching TV at double speed ,《 Old girl 》》 It's one of my few TV dramas without fast forward , Every character is brilliant , Every detail is worth chewing and aftertaste .” Some viewers also said that they were very moved to see the play , The ups and downs of life have turned into a warm melody ,“ I once agreed with my girlfriends to travel all over the great rivers and mountains , Enjoy the beauty of the world , Eventually they grow old together . It's just , After graduation, we each work , Get married and have a family , There will be less contact , Some girlfriends have even died . So we must cherish the people around us , Cherish the present , Live each day .”

five people , Five living methods , Do what you like , It has nothing to do with husbands and children , to support each other 、 Take care of each other 、 Warm each other . Some viewers thought that the old age drama was gloomy , Lack vitality , I didn't expect to see several episodes 《 Old girl 》 Only then did I find out that this TV play showing the life of young and old people “ It's delicious ”, The more you look, the more you are fascinated . And the audience finished watching 《 Old girl 》 Inspired , Full of passion for life ,“ Even if you're old , We still have to go out and socialize , Be a pair of happy old girlfriends . This requires us to be sincere 、 to open up , Always keep the ability to live independently and open-minded .”“ Envy the life of such old girlfriends , I hope my old age can have such a group of girlfriends , Grow old happily together .”

The audience said , Although people , Born alone , But steady company is still very important .《 Old girl 》 Show “ Supporting the elderly in groups ” Pattern , It's a real eye opener .“‘ Supporting the elderly in groups ’ It is very common abroad , But it is rare in China . Like minded old people , Don't depend on your children , Find a suitable place , Comfort each other's spiritual emptiness . This is a further pension model than the elderly activity center .”

Old people see themselves , Young people have insight into their parents .《 Old girl 》 It has also become a link between the elderly and young people , Many inter generational contradictions have been reconciled . The play presents not only the living conditions of the elderly , It also shows the feelings of young people 、 Challenges and choices in career problems . A young audience praised the play and laughed at life 、 A happy and living attitude , Excited expression :“ Everyone was young , Everyone will grow old . When we get old , And live like an old friend .”

There are also young audiences who speak frankly 《 Old girl 》 Let yourself understand your parents again , Look at aging again ,“ Once a great hero in our mind , They are also getting older , Can't keep up with the times , We need our help to check the health code with smart phones . Parents are old , But I hope to do more for my children , Live for your children all your life . The old , Can't be afraid , The terrible thing is to be forgotten . So young people should cherish the good time now , Cherish the love our parents give us .”

writing / Reporter of Beijing Youth Daily Yang Wenjie

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