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Ning Hao directed the comedy "Mr. red carpet" and Andy Lau acted as an angry star

2022-06-20 02:04:15Tencent Entertainment

Andy Lau and Ning Hao are in a comedy movie 《 Mr. red carpet 》 At the opening ceremony .

Beijing - ( The reporter Teng Dynasty )2 month 22 Japan , Created by joy media 、 Directed by Ning Hao 、 A comedy film starring Andy Lau 《 Mr. red carpet 》 The opening ceremony was held in Shenzhen , Director Ning Hao , Leading actor Andy Lau , Actor Rama Sidan 、 Monologue 、 Liu Yilin 、 Zhou Wei and others attended . because 《 Crazy stone 》 And Ning Hao and Andy Lau , Finally for the first time in the film .

2006 year , Director Ning Hao in Andy Lau's “ Asian New Star Project ” Get in the 300 All the money , filmed “ Movie dark horse ”《 Crazy stone 》, founded “ Black comedy ” Film style , It caused a sensation in that crazy summer . Years after that , The audience has been looking forward to director Ning Hao and Andy Lau working together on a film , Meet the wishes of the audience .16 After year ,《 Mr. red carpet 》 Finally shooting .

The movie 《 Mr. red carpet 》 It's about Andy Lau's role as a former Chinese Hong Kong star, liuweichi, in order to re “ Reddening ”, The story of shooting a film in cooperation with a major mainland director . He went deep into the countryside to experience life , But because of arrogance, it triggered a series of endless farces . Final , He suddenly realized that sincerity is the most precious quality , His life also changed , Pick up the good . It is reported that , The film will be in 2023 It was shown all over the country in .

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