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The poster of the modern family film "Miss moving heart" will be released on March 8

2022-06-20 00:35:06Oriental Infotainment

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1905 Movie network news recently , The movie 《 Thinking and moving 》 Officially file , Will be in 2022 year 3 month 8 It's on nationwide on .

《 Thinking and moving 》 The hot contradictions between the second child and the existing family are discussed , And gives a unique view and understanding . The hero's happy life and family , There is friction 、 Puzzled 、 There is confusion 、 Have a sweet , But the main tone of the film is still discussing when our life and family are in opposition , The choices and expectations of an adult .

In addition to the discussion of life , The film also maintains the excellent characteristics of literary and artistic films that always take the story as the main line , Full of twists and turns , Interlocking plot , In front of the audience .

Director Wang Qingzhong talked about the creation of the film :“ Literary and artistic films are not for literary and artistic purposes , We often forget what the story is like . By stacking intentional elements , Set up another foggy name and start selling , I think this can only make the literary film come to an end in the end . Strive to have a thought-provoking story , It's not just relying on the skills of the camera to make people feel the rigid art , I have such a creative attitude .”

This film always focuses on the life of the protagonist , Not forced to instill and discuss , But let music talk become the eyes of the audience , With the music, I understand and think about life , Continuously promote the thinking depth of the audience .

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