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The season of meeting starts tonight. Lei Jiayin and Yuan Quan discuss middle-aged life together

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Produced by the midday sun , Screenwriter of the original author anei , Jian chuanchen directed , Lei Jia Yin 、 Yuan Quan starred , Zhang Yi Xing 、 Jia Nailiang 、 Luo Haiqiong 、 Liangguanhua and other friendly urban TV dramas 《 Meet in season 》23 Friday night 22 Point will be broadcast exclusively on Youku . Released today “ Peer Edition ” Poster and Ultimate Trailer , The complicated character relationships and high-energy plot are further presented , Make the audience look forward to . A line in the line “ No matter how miserable life is , We should also face it positively ”, It reflects the thickness and temperature of realism in the play .

The ultimate Trailer releases a huge amount of information

The ultimate preview released today is a huge amount of information —— Jian Hongcheng and Ning Yu have emotional fetters spanning many years , Ning Yu said to Jian Hongcheng “ Some things happened twenty years ago , I'm not sure if you know ”“ I was sorry for you ” It seems that there are some secrets between them from the past to the present .

in addition , The preview also shows the lives of many characters in all aspects . Jianhongcheng got divorced , But there seems to be a dispute with his ex-wife . Ning Yu's husband haoqinglin ( Li Naiwen Decoration ) Be honest about cheating , It seems that because of him, the family property has also been frozen , Ning Yu had no choice but to complain to him . Tian Jingye has been in prison , He said to Jian Hongcheng “ What do you want me to do , I do it all ”, And try to approach jianhongcheng's brother-in-law zhanglixin ( Liang Guanhua Decoration ), I don't know whether it is intentionally designed ? Ning Shu seems to be deliberately trying to bring down the Jane family “ Don't watch the Jane family fall down , I won't go ”, He also saw through Jian Hongcheng's plan , What kind of infighting will be staged between these two people ? Jian Minmin ( Luo Haiqiong Decoration ) Say to zhanglixin “ He came to take revenge on us ”, Zhanglixin was also threatened to take away the Lixin building due to the financial crisis .

Plot aims at the pain point of contemporary people

《 Meet in season 》 It is an urban TV series with rich elements , There are many characters in the works 、 The branch lines involved are numerous , It can be said that it has incisively and vividly described the life and growth of modern people . By Jane 、 The family grudges between the two Ning families , The system shows Jane's sister and brother 、 The interlaced growth routes and life problems of Ning family, siblings and others , It contains the beauty and unruly of youth 、 Emotional bitterness and sweetness 、 The entanglement and estrangement of family affection 、 The reality and bitterness of marriage ; Many plots can be mapped in reality , I believe it can resonate with many audiences .

in addition , The play consists of Lei Jiayin 、 Many excellent actors including Yuan Quan performed , The acting level is expected . Rich elements 、 Delicate group images 、 A sympathetic plot 、 Warm and healing temperament , Believe in 《 Meet in season 》 Be able to meet the audience warmly .

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