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Still want to make a sequel? Forget it, you!

2022-06-19 22:21:39Tencent Entertainment

After the Spring Festival ,2 The cinema in May is a desolate place .

until 《 The tragedy on the Nile 》 The arrival of the .

Although not as good as next month's 《 New Batman 》 So heavy , But at least it's a blockbuster .

An adaptation of the original , It's the queen of reason ( Agatha ・ Christie ) One of the most famous works .

Kenneth, who was nominated for best director at the Oscars ・ Brana directed and acted by himself .

Gail ・ Gado + Emma ・ McKee (《 Sex education 》 empress )+ Amy was just red before the collapse ・ Han Mo leads .

All the supporting actors have a lot of background .

For example, this servant who plays very little part , It's the female savage in Quan you

2017 Year of 《 Murder on the Orient express 》,5500 $million cost ,3.53 Billion box office .

Now the sequel production is upgraded , The box office is hard to catch up with half of the previous work .

I don't know whether the tragedy on the Nile is tragic or not , Anyway 《 The tragedy on the Nile 》 It's really miserable ――

《 The tragedy on the Nile 》

Death on the nile

2022.2.19. The Chinese mainland

The film is currently rated Douban 6.0, Personally, I think it's a little low .

however , Since many audiences are book fans , This low score is understandable .

First of all, let's talk about my overall evaluation of the film ――

I haven't seen the original , You can see , It's a suspense reasoning piece in good order .

Those who have read the original works need to think twice , The magic reform is quite serious .

To put it simply , The core of the original work is to investigate cases , The point is the incredible crime .

And the new edition will be the original “ love ” This sub theme has been elevated to a higher level , Became the core of the whole story .

The new version of the story is not so much a tragedy on the Nile , It's more like Poirot's love awakening .

Poirot hurt by love , After solving a love killing case , The cold heart came back to life .

The director even used Poirot's trademark beard as a symbol of love demons .

I can only say: That's fucking awesome .

>>>> synopsis ( Involving spoilers )

The protagonist is still Poirot , The case to be solved is about love .

Jacqueline ( Emma ・ McKee Decoration ) And Simon ( Amy ・ Hanmer Decoration ) Is a pair of lovers in love , Love to death .

But a few months later , It was Simon and Jacqueline's best friend who got married , Lynette ( Gail ・ Gado Decoration ).

They are newly married , A honeymoon cruise on the Nile .

But Jacqueline followed , Still carrying a gun , The vengeful heart is clear .

More Than This , All the people on the boat had their own grievances with Lynette .

A complicated murder case has also been kicked off ......

>>>> advantage

First, let's talk about the praiseworthy points of the film .

First , Nice scenery .

The pyramids of Egypt , The setting sun on the Nile , The scenery is magnificent , beautiful .

secondly , For those who haven't seen the original , As a mystery film, the film is barely qualified .

There are suspense , There is also reasoning .

And if the film is divided into three acts , The rhythm of act one and act three is pretty good .

Act one has a love triangle as a reversal , The third act is because the film has entered the stage of solving the case .

Be careful , Only for those who have not seen the original work .

Last , I don't know why ――

I actually saw the existence of homosexuality on the big screen .

Although this is just a film less than 10 Second paragraph , But he did say it clearly .

Is this a kind of progress ? Or just an oversight ?

>>>> Drawback

Let's talk about the biggest shortcoming first ――

As a piece of reasoning , In terms of perception , Gelgado's death was really slow .

Be careful , What I'm talking about is “ In terms of perception ”.

Actually 1978 Year Edition 《 The tragedy on the Nile 》, About the same length as the new version .

In two films , The murders took place at 1 Hour or so .

But the old version doesn't make people feel long .

The reason is , Mainly two points .

firstly , The old version added other characters' naked killing intention to Lynette in front .

All the characters have clashed with Lynette , And it happened to be seen by Poirot .

Although some deliberate , But it plays a vital role in shaping suspense .

And in the new version , Except Jacqueline , The director wiped out the hate of other characters for Lynette .

The lawyer in the original work who pretended to meet by chance because he wanted to cheat Lynette , Here, I even became a VIP specially invited by Lynette .

second , Lynette in the old version is even more arrogant .

But in the new edition , Lynette had completely lost the feeling of high - spirited .

The two reasons come together , As a result, her role is not so hated .

As a result, the front of the film will not let the audience have “ Trying to guess who would kill her ” A sense of participation .

This leads to the first half of the , There is only one motive left for everyone to kill “ Money is the original sin ”.

this , It's very weak .

therefore , From the reversal of the first act to the murder , The film has entered a very boring stage .

And in audio-visual language , The director is also very procrastinating .

If I remember correctly , In order to match the scenes of people playing on board , The film directly finished playing a whole song .

A full 3 minute , Basically, they are all shots without any information , I was on pins and needles .

A lot of shots that can be cut directly , I have to make the camera go around .

I don't know. I thought he was a fan of Jiang Wen .

Of course , Maybe I was wrong .

Perhaps the director felt that there was no need to film the hatred of Lynette on board .

Maybe he thought he just needed the ink to make the audience want to go in and help the murderer stab Lynette .

If the director is on the fifth floor , I have no right to say that .

>>>> Weak reasoning

Let's talk about the second major shortcoming of the film ―― The reasoning part is too weak .

The reason why the original work looks good , Because the details of many cases have been explained clearly .

But in the new edition , Many details have been mentioned by the director , Not even bothered to shoot .

For example, how did Jacqueline know that Booker saw his murderer ?

For example, how Jacqueline and Simon colluded ?

For example, how can one sentence make the lawyer plead guilty directly ?

There is no explanation in the film .

Isn't that bullshit

After the murder , Most of the reasoning process is not surprising .

Or what the audience already knows , For example, the lawyer tried to deceive Lynette with the contract , For example, the motive of the fiance .

Or let the person under trial speak out directly , For example, black female singers and the gratitude and resentment between servants and Lynette .

As a piece of reasoning , There is no doubt that this film is a failure .

There are also three changes to the black lesbian in this film .

In addition to catering to mainstream trends , I really don't see any other effect .

>>>> Reasoning becomes love

Do you think the director is incapable of making a good film of solving a case ?

I don't think so .

Just shoot the original again , After all, grandma wrote it so clearly for you .

But this is obviously not the result that a director with pursuit wants .

So he drastically changed the core of the original , But these problems also follow .

The biggest change , I have already said this before .

namely , The core of this story is from suspense reasoning , It becomes the love awakening of Poirot .

The first ten minutes of the film are the original plot , Tells the origin of Poirot's beard .

Poirot was wounded in the war , The lower half of his face was blown up , feel ashamed of one's ungainly appearance , Want to break up with your girlfriend .

My girlfriend doesn't care , And tell him jokingly :

Just grow your beard ( Although I don't know why this beard can cover such a big scar ).

later , During a visit , Mortars hit , His girlfriend died on the spot .

Bolo also closed his heart , No longer linger in love , Concentrate on being a big detective .

Is it a good or bad attempt to make this change , In fact, different people have different opinions .

But the film as a whole is logical and self consistent , And this theme does exist in the original work , Just not the core .

And since the core has been changed , It is necessary to aggravate “ love ” The foreshadowing and discussion of this theme .

That's why the film adds to those love to love to go segments .

Poirot even shed tears when he thought of his lover .

But I have to admit that , Finally, the overall effect seems not good .

Only Jacqueline's love for Simon had a beginning dance as a cushion .

The rest of the so-called love basically depends on one mouth , Flow on the surface , It's not convincing .

Buck is like this , Lynette is like this , Bolo is still like this .

The whole story is based on bolo's love for his lover .

However, the love between the two people is not at all foreshadowing , Only bolo was moved to tears .

Besides , The film also created a branch line where Poirot secretly investigates Rosalie .

If nothing else , This line should be for comparison .

Jacqueline and Simon's love , Let them go to destruction , It is a negative case .

The love between Booker and Rosalie , Let them go to the new life , It is a positive case .

The bitterness and sweetness of love , Cruelty and beauty , Through the comparison of two lines .

But I can't understand why Booker GG.

At last Poirot was awakened , But both lines have become tragedies .

With comparison but no different results , Finally, it makes this setting meaningless , And it contradicts itself .

>>>> At the end

Said so much , But this is not what I want to roast about in the new version .

The most stunning thing , It's the end of the movie .

Bolo decided to get out of the haze of love , So I shaved my beard !!! Came to the black female singer's Ballroom .

Make it clear that you want to give up being a detective and go home to farm and fall in love ( Because I want to go home and plant zucchini ), Then wait for the next one 《 Roger case 》 comeback .

But as 《 Roger case 》 Last sentence :

If Hercule ・ It would be nice if bolo didn't retire to grow zucchini here .

Don't shoot it either .

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