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Dai Yuchen's film "Wu Yi men" shows the dedication of the actors

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Ye Han is the director , Humingwu leads , Dai Yuchen and other actors starred , A film in which the Dragon rhyme martial arts troupe of Chengjia class plays a special role 《 Martial arts school 》 On 2 month 20 It was successfully killed in Beijing on the th .

In the movie , Dai Yuchen, a new generation actor from the mainland, plays the role of Dong Xian, the second male actor . In order to better interpret the character , Dai Yuchen joined the group in advance and went to the Longyun martial arts troupe of Chengjia class to learn boxing , Practice every day , Even if you get hurt many times during practice , Don't give up . During filming , Because of the long boxing practice, Dai Yuchen's figure became strong , It fits perfectly with Dong Xian in the director's mind , From appearance to professional skills, it is more like a boxer . Because there are too many plays and in order to better perform the real effect , Dai Yuchen did it all by himself. It's no use being a double , Causing multiple injuries to the whole body , But he resisted the pain with firm willpower during the shooting , Completed the film shooting task meticulously , It has subverted Dai Yuchen's image of a handsome and warm man in the past , Show a strong and resolute side , And won the appreciation of the director and the crew .

It is worth mentioning that ,《 Martial arts school 》 During the shooting, I encountered a sudden heavy snow in Beijing , The climate is extremely cold , Even ten degrees below zero , But the plot needs Dai Yuchen to finish shooting in short sleeves . During the whole shooting process , Dai Yuchen finished the film shooting in the extremely cold snow , Show the professional quality that excellent actors must have . recently ,《 Martial arts school 》 Has entered the post production process , Look forward to the surprise brought to us by Dong Xian played by Dai Yuchen .

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