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"Double speed marriage" in "two conjectures of marriage" attracted onlookers, and "mother-in-law battle" had a strong sense of joy

2022-06-18 23:11:47Oriental Infotainment

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Qilu Evening News • Qilu one point reporter Liu Yuhan

Ask what love is , It's one thing down to one thing . Urban Female Emotion light comedy 《 Two conjectures about marriage 》 On Hunan Satellite TV 、 Youku hit , The ratings of provincial satellite TV ranked first in the same period , The topics of the series have been searched on Weibo 、 Tiktok ,“ Big data flash marriage ”、“ Next year's love ”、“ Blind date scene ”、“ Mother in law and daughter-in-law alliance ” The new and funny plot makes the play more popular , A strong sense of joy .

《 Two conjectures about marriage 》 Welcome to , The key is that the play is coming “ Young ” and “ Light like wind ”. The topic is strange 、 The plot is cool 、 fast 、 There are many jokes , Female white-collar shenmingbao and “ Program the ape ” Yang Zhengyi goes all the way , A blind date with a resume , Big data matching , Love and marriage are the same .“ The fastest certified couple in history ” Deal with the complicated marriage affairs smoothly 、 With one , Just two episodes to quickly enter the married life . So efficient 、 concise “ Love and marriage mode ”, Poked the netizen's high point , It also introduces the concept of mate selection that the public is most interested in 、 The concept of fertility is directly thrown out , Sharp and realistic , Master the traffic password , It's the taste of young people . The punchline 、 Great point 、 Burst points fly together , Make the audience enjoy themselves .

In addition to the magic and reality of double speed marriage ,“ Fairy mother-in-law ”、“ Mother in law and daughter-in-law alliance ”、“ Mother in law battle ” It also gives the play a strong sense of joy , It's addictive .《 Two conjectures about marriage 》 Created a new era mother-in-law image , Bring your own joy , Something really , And form a close alliance with his daughter-in-law , It attracts the envy of women nowadays . such as , The first time parents of both sides met , The mother-in-law played by Yue Hong is not submissive , inferior , But talking to the woman's mother on an equal footing , Tit for tat . For the first time , With a big , When the woman's mother took out a 50% discount coupon , My mother-in-law immediately said :“ The waiter , pack ”, Hold his belly with laughing .

Besides , The son reported to his daughter-in-law “ Durban, female ”, The daughter-in-law threw away the application form directly , My mother-in-law thinks she has spent money , This lesson is useless , I went to class instead of my daughter-in-law . In class , When you see the female lecturer telling the female students how to talk to men “ Kneeling service ”, My mother-in-law was furious , Come forward and expose . These mother-in-law bridges are fresh and interesting , Speak for women in the new era , Full of upward joy .

Mother meets mother , Extra blush , fight both with open and secret means , The laughingstock keeps on . Today, , The play was released “ Mother in law war ” Plate flower , Full of laughter . Honest mother-in-law PK Charming mother , all , Stage limit interconnection . My mother-in-law lives with my little husband and wife , Is it freeloader ? Working women or A full-time wife , Who is the standard of a woman's success ? Only the mother loves her daughter , Only the mother-in-law knows her daughter-in-law ? When mother-in-law meets mother , Mother in law PK Mother's family ,“ Two mothers' War ” It explodes at the touch .

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