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Mingdi | "sugar" is happy, but love should be pragmatic

2022-06-18 23:11:41Oriental Infotainment

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author | Yangzeying 、 Wang Xuan ( Internship ) Every generation of young people discuss emotional issues such as mate selection criteria , It seems that people will hear this “ Warning ”——

70 Later I said :“ Don't live in Qiongyao's drama when you are in love ”;80 after 90 Then he said :“ Don't live in an idol drama ”.

The wording is different , But they all point to unity : Don't indulge too much in the story of distant nothingness ,“ Sugar ” Sure , But in real love , Don't cross reference “ The screen ” The perfect person in the search for objects 、 Don't live in the plot .

In recent years ,《 heartache 20 year 》、《 A heartbeat signal 》、《 Semi familiar lovers 》 Wait for love variety show to appear in public view one after another , Following “ Sweet favorite play ” after , Lianzong has become the majority of young people “ ke CP” An important exit for .

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