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"The world" hit xubaihui plays an ordinary woman

2022-06-18 18:30:14Oriental Infotainment

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According to Liang Xiaosheng “ Mao Dun Literature Award ” Adapted from an award-winning novel of the same name , Directed by Li Lu and served as the chief producer , Lei Jia Yin 、 Xin Baiqing 、 Song Jia 、 Yin Tao starred , Sarina 、 Realistic TV series starring xubaihui, etc 《 human world 》 It is being broadcast on CCTV and iqiyi . The public praise and discussion volume of the play have been rising all the way since its launch , The ratings have successfully broken 2, The characters in the play have vivid personalities , Discussion soared , Among them, Yu Hong, played by xubaihui, also suffered from twists and turns of fate , And catching up is called “ The most bitter couple ”, Attract the attention and heated discussion of the audience .

《 human world 》 The three generations of the Zhou family living in Jichun city in the north have experienced joys and sorrows for decades , At the same time, the close friends, relatives and friends around the Zhou family also have different personalities , Each has a story . Throughout the play “ Six little gentlemen ” Life of , Yu Hong and catch-up can be called the best in Guangzi district “ bitter ” The husband and wife of , There is no house of its own , I live in Zheng Juan's idle old house , Both husband and wife are laid off at the same time, which makes the already difficult life worse . In the latest plot , Catching up with the money cheated in selling shoes is not easy to recover , A letter from my sister who was far away in Shenzhen brought the family to the brink of collapse . Yu Honghe's encounter with catching up made a large number of audience call “ Love dearly ”, They left messages hoping that they could tide over the difficulties as soon as possible .

It is reported that , shooting 《 human world 》 In order to be closer to the characters in the play , Actors don't wear makeup during shooting , Plain face , And this time “ sacrifice ” The natural state presented did surprise the audience . Xu Baihui plays Yu Hong as an ordinary woman at the bottom , The simple and unadorned image makes people go back to that era all of a sudden , Many audiences in the North call “ Seeing Yu Hong seems to be back in those days , This feels right ”“ Evokes memories of those years ”. Although the fate of Yu Hong in the play twists and turns , But did not yield to fate , Still optimistic and tenacious life , This has toughness , The character with muscles and bones is also the soul of this TV series . Can Yu Honghe catch up and surpass rewrite his destiny with his own efforts , Looking forward to the next plot development .

Yu Hong, played by xubaihui, is indomitable , The positive and optimistic attitude towards life is widely loved by the audience , Her age problem when looking for a job has also triggered discussion on such hot social issues . Xu Baihui, as the actor of Yu Hong , In an interview earlier, I was asked about my views on age anxiety , Her relaxed and free attitude towards age issues impressed many audiences .

Xubaihui frankly said that the problem of age anxiety is not an example , She also has many friends who are deeply troubled , But in her opinion, age is not a burden , She enjoyed and cherished everything given to her at every age . Such a cool and indifferent answer caused unexpected repercussions among the audience , Netizens left messages one after another “ My sister's speech was too loud , Sure enough, the world is sober ”“ Confident and sunny beauty yyds”. Xu Baihui has always been gentle and elegant , The image full of positive energy shows people , It seems that this speech is not just the experience of filming , It also comes from her positive attitude and thinking about life .

《 human world 》 The story of warm tears continues , Whether Yu Hong can get through the difficulties in life , Where will she go with her family in the face of reality , CCTV set every night 8 spot , Iqiyi 21:30 Keep waiting .

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