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The famous scene of Kelly in the world is about to be staged. Bingkun is hit hard by life. The secretary becomes a "bright light" again

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Adapted from the novel of the same name of Mao Dun literature prize 《 human world 》, Since the broadcast, the popularity has continued to rise , The ratings have been rising , More access to open the bean 8.1 Good result . A fascinating story 、 Excellent and meticulous production , Plus the joining of a group of powerful actors , Du Ling 《 human world 》 It has become a masterpiece of both popularity and public praise at the beginning of the year . among , Secretary Qu, played by Zhang Kaili, relies on external cold and internal heat 、 Kindness warms the heart 、 The humorous and lovely character contrast is deeply loved by the audience , This powerful old playwright has once again successfully created the image of a respected and loving female cadre , It has become another classic among her many representative works . According to the plot forecast tonight , Zhou Bingkun ( Lei Jiayin's decoration ) After imprisonment, he never recovered , Even my brothers and sisters don't want to see me , Kelly plays the spiritual tutor song Secretary Zaicheng “ Bright lamp ”, The prison scolded zhoubingkun to prevent him from falling . Kelly and Lei Jiayin are going to contribute their high light acting skills , Put on a wonderful scene , Make the audience look forward to .

The contrast interpretation is well received Kelly's amazing interpretation made the audience successful “ Into the pit ”

Song secretary who has gained a large number of fans , In the audience “ time and again ” In the hope of , I finally came out again a few days ago . The appearance , She is already black and white “ Grandma grey ” Hair and aging makeup , The way you hold your waist makes your nose ache . Another spring festival , Secretary Qu entertained the young people at home , In addition to the warm and happy reunion , Also, we still do not forget to teach zhoubingkun and others to correctly view the problems brought about by reform and enterprise development . Secretary Qu and old mashouchang's funny routine is staged again , Do not forbid the audience to sigh “ Secretary Qu's humor and loveliness are still the same !”

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